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Plant Impact Spotlight: Ajinomoto

Within two weeks, operators improved the Cpk to 1.3, reduced the waste of raw materials by over $300,000 annually, and decreased customer complaints.

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Lincoln Premium Poultry: Empowering the Plant Floor

Lincoln Premium Poultry has an award-winning, one-of-a-kind poultry processing facility. SafetyChain makes it easy for the team to collect data, analyze it, and make decisions on the spot.

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Death Wish Coffee: Digital Transformation

See how SafetyChain helped Death Wish Coffee meet quality standards and production goals with digital transformation. Watch how they transformed to save over $5 million annually.

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MSI Express: Choosing Digital Plant Management

MSI partnered with SafetyChain Software to remove paper off the plant floor, simplify and streamline training, and gain meaningful data in their operations.

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MSI Express: Data Driven Quality Operations

Craig Verhoff, Chief Quality Officer at MSI Express, explains how they connected the dots across production and quality to understand the full picture with real-time data.

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MSI Express: Enabling The Frontline To Continuously Improvement

By eliminating time-sucking, manual tasks, MSI is enabling its workforce to focus on activity that drives the bottom line even while expanding facilities and operations.

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Case Studies

FSMA, Technology & Audits: How Sokol & Co Automated the Audit Process

Learn how Sokol & Company became audit-ready all the time (earning the SQF Practitioner of the Year award), and significantly reduced errors and incidents.

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Operator-Driven Results: How Empowering The Frontline Improves Profitability

How Beyond Meat, Ajinomoto, Death Wish Coffee, and Brakebush increased employee engagement and achieved sustainable improvements in productivity, quality, and safety.

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How 4 Companies Benefit from Real-Time Weight Checks

Learn how Death Wish Coffee, MSI Express, Weaver Popcorn, and Compact Industries reduced giveaway and located missing product to save millions of dollars with digitized SPC.

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Preparing for Digital Transformation: Getting Started

Part 2: Learn a thoughtful, more cost effective approach to digital transformation - including potential outcomes, such as productivity improvements and employee retention.

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Leveraging Technology to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan

Developing a Food Safety Plan is a detailed and complex process. Learn more about FSPs and how digital transformation tools can make your plan a success.

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4 Key Ways Technology Helps Ensure GFSI Compliance

Learn how leading food and beverage companies manage the complexities of a GFSI program for improved performance, customer partnerships, and productivity.

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Regulation vs. Reality: Bridging the FSMA Gap in Food Defense

Food and beverage professionals must adapt to an evolving regulatory environment. Learn more about compliance with FSMA and Food Defense Plans.

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Balancing Compliance Risk and Performance: How to Optimize Your Food Safety & Quality Systems

Learn how leading companies use simple yet effective strategies to optimize food safety and quality management (FSQM) for improved operational performance.

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Supply Chain Risks: Closing the Gaps to Better Protect Your Company

Learn how leading food manufacturers and processors are taking an economical approach to managing risks in their supply chains.

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Food & Beverage, Safety

How to Drive Business Goals by Improving Food Safety Culture

A mature food safety culture is audit-ready at all times. That might seem like an impossible goal, g...

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Root Cause Analysis: How It Informs CAPA

This is a guide to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and CAPA. Find out how Plant Management can utilize the...

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5 Ways to Justify a QMS System Investment

Equip yourself with five arguments to make in favor of a QMS system investment including ROI, the co...

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How to Measure Food Safety Culture for the FDA

Continuously improving your food safety plan relies on your ability to accurately measure food safet...

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Compliance, Safety

Best Practices in Preparing for a BRCGS Issue 9 Audit

Certification against Issue 9 standards began on Feb 1, 2023. In this blog, we’re going to hit the g...

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Safety, Compliance

BRC Issue 8 to BRC Issue 9: What’s the Difference?

In this blog, we’ll cover the major changes between Issues 8 and 9 of the BRC. But first, let’s prov...

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Featured Webinars

How Lincoln Premium Poultry Used Digital Plant Management to Transform its Workplace Culture

Learn how Lincoln Premium Poultry collects, views, and reports data across their plant to create a data-driven and transparent culture for all employees. 

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Impact and Implementation: Understanding the New PCHF Analysis Guidance

Learn what the new recent updates to the FDA's Preventative Controls for Human Food (PCHF) Rule are, and how F&B manufacturers can prepare.

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FSMA Friday Webinar Series

FSMA Friday is a monthly webinar to learn regular updates, insights, and guidance to help you navigate industry shifts surrounding the Food Safety Modernization Act.

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Chemophobia – Misconceptions, Risks & Hazards

Learn how we quantify and address risk when it comes to chemical exposure.

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The Psychology of Product Allergen Labeling

How to optimize your CAPA program by clearly defining the problem, and understanding what questions to ask to identify the root cause of the problem.

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Optimizing Your CAPAs: Maximize Your Efforts with an Effective Process

Learn how to optimize your CAPA program by clearly defining the problem, and understanding what questions to ask to identify the root cause of the problem.

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