Driving Change Through Digitization: How Lincoln Premium Poultry Built A Positive & High Performing Culture

The plant floor is a rich source of valuable data, but tapping into quality and production insights using traditional manual processes is impossible. Decision-makers have little to no visibility for driving continuous improvements.

For Lincoln Premium Poultry, things are different. From inspections to data exploration, Digital Plant Management has become each employee's go-to tool to access actionable data. 

Find out how Lincoln Premium Poultry leveraged thoughtful training programs, digitization, and a data-driven approach to overcome a unique set of challenges, including:

  • High employee turnover

  • Limited visibility into key data for decision-making

  • Inefficiencies in paper-based processes and spreadsheets

The results: 

  • $230,000 in lost revenue saved per month

  • 38% annual reduction in downtime

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