Digital Plant Management

Unite Quality & Production to Improve Plant Performance

Over 2,000 Facilities use SafetyChain to empower teams to optimize labor, maximize yield & ensure quality.

The Convergence of Quality & Production

Manufacturers win or lose on quality, but business growth hinges on maximizing production performance in tough market conditions. In the plant, quality initiatives don’t always align with production. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Flexible for what you need today, scalable for what you want tomorrow.

SafetyChain fits into your existing environment so you can immediately address urgent challenges, while offering scalability to expand and drive the long-term value you need to succeed.

Maximize Throughput
and Yield

Real-time data that empowers frontline workers to take decisive action as well as data-driven business insights to aid management in driving top-line growth.

Ensure Quality and Compliance​

Defined processes and audit-ready documentation reduce costs and put quality at the heart of the manufacturing process.

Optimize Labor and Productivity

Visibility, on-board BI tools, and automation build a culture of teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement to increase labor efficiency.

A single platform to unify plant-wide data, insights, and growth

Digital Data Capture

Digitally capture and unify data from multiple sources including operators, machines, sensors, PLCs, and devices. Gain real-time visibility into what is happening throughout your facility.

Inform & Empower

Visualize data with role-based dashboards to conduct real-time and historical analysis. Know if you are hitting your production goals while the line is running and use trends to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Automation & Workflows

Drive plant processes, track compliance, and prepare for audits with programmatic documentation and role-based automated workflows. Eliminate guesswork on the plant floor and ensure audit-readiness so everyone knows what they need to do and when.

Continuous Improvement & Value

Make adoption easy with a training environment and support from our coaching team. Establish key metrics that ensure both the short-term and long-term success of your investment.

The Power of Digital Plant Management

Relying on point solutions puts limits on capabilities, creates data silos, and hurts the collaboration across the facility. SafetyChain’s Plant Management Platform fits into your environment to address urgent challenges while enabling new growth opportunities.

Always know the health of your plant with real-time operations data tracking and analytics >>

Gain real-time data to improve productivity and reduce the risk of costly non-conformances. >>

Eliminate unplanned production downtime through automated equipment checks and proactive alerts >>

Achieve ongoing compliance with regulatory, customer, and third-party certification requirements >>

Simplify risk mitigation management across all facilities >>

Increase supply chain visibility and instantly know how each supplier is performing >>

Business growth hinges on maximizing production performance

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Make the complex simple. HACCP, GFSI, GMP & more.


Fits everywhere. Old equipment or new facility.
No problem.
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Executive Guide to Digital Plant Management

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Customer Success in 2,000+ Locations & Growing



“Now that we have SafetyChain, our team can’t wait until our next audit!”


“In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.”

SK Food Group

“SafetyChain trends data and allows us to configure reports without any add-on costs or technical abilities. For us, it was a better fit.