Digital Plant Management for Packaging Manufacturers

A Modern Solution for Packaging Manufacturers

Rise above material inconsistency, navigate strict regulations, and meet competitive demands.

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Digital Plant Management For Packaging

Without accurate operational and quality data, packaging manufacturers risk over or under-costing their product, inability to redefine processes, and becoming less competitive. Reduce your cost of quality and avoid leaving valuable manufacturing time on the table with visibility across the plant.

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Cost Efficiency

Control cost by targeting areas of waste, minimizing supply chain risk, and improving energy efficiency.

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Consistent Quality

Produce the highest quality as fast as possible, while increasing yield and customer satisfaction.

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Optimized Production

Enhance overall equipment and labor effectiveness with better workflows, from sourcing to shipment.

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Proactive Compliance

Separate, identify and track the data, documents, and tasks required for audits and certification.

Make the Unbelievable Achievable

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Refine Quality While Reducing Cost

  • Tighten Process Controls: Address and monitor the intricate demands of temperature-sensitive packaging, pressure control, fill level accuracy, sealing, and more.

  • Fine-tune Inspection: Track and trend quality check data at various stages to identify raw material non-conformance and reduce defects per million.

  • Reduce waste: Enable your frontline to identify and rectify issues in real time, handling material inconsistency and elevating product quality across the manufacturing process.

  • Optimize Yield: Maximize product quality and yield with tailored dashboards for analyzing batch data and production trends. Reduce waste, energy consumption, and operational costs.

Improve Plant Visibility and Delivery Time

  • Downtime Monitoring: Identify issues impacting productivity, enhance capacity utilization, and reduce disruptions in production by addressing downtime events and unplanned maintenance promptly.

  • Real-Time Productivity Analysis: Track and visualize critical live measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (throughput, availability, and quality) within the production process. Accurately assess how efficiently any plant is running at any given time.

  • Streamlined Workflow Management: Create dynamic flows that allow for separate operators to complete checks in order and with minimal interruption. Boost productivity in job shops, batch production, assembly lines, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

  • Shipment Updates: Understand when timelines are at risk and proactively alert customers well in advance to make necessary adjustments.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Centralize all critical data, enabling a comprehensive view of customer interactions, technical calls, and inbound notes to organize feedback and pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Customer-Centric Reporting: Generate customized reports and insights that provide your customers with valuable data and analytics.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance Management: Ensure personnel, processes, and finished goods are in compliance throughout receiving, production, and pre-shipment. Adhere to a comprehensive array of standards and regulations such as USDA, FDA, FTC, and more.

  • Document Control and Audit Readiness: Streamline third-party and internal audits with a digital document repository. Alleviate the burden on Quality by providing auditors secure access to discrete information and historical records.

  • Labeling Accuracy: manage data from pre-printed items and nutritional labels to stay compliant with USDA, FDA, and customer standards.

  • EHS and Sanitation: Fulfill reporting requirements for waste and recycling regulations, and ensure sanitation methods are up-to-date with raw material packaging.

  • Supplier Management: Streamline supplier communication, capture and track critical documentation, and drive corrective actions while complying with ISO, FDA, and other regulatory standards.

  • Risk Management: Oversee the plant’s potential exposure to external risk factors, from suppliers and ingredients, to improve root cause analysis and evaluation of current and future suppliers.

  • Supplier Traceability: Capture all quality record data for root cause analysis and integrate with existing tools that track logistics for complete supply chain visibility.

Elevate Productivity Through Integrated Data

  • Automated (IoT) Data Capture: Automate the capture of digital data from equipment, ensuring accurate records of key parameters like material usage, package weight, and quality metrics to enhance packaging process efficiency.

  • Maintenance: Monitor equipment in real-time and leverage data to support Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP).

  • Traceability: Quickly unify and associate data and identifiers (such as raw material, batch/lot numbers, etc.) with any process documented by your team during the production cycle.

  • API Library: Exchange data with ERP and MES solutions through flexible APIs that can be coded to various use cases, and ensure consistent data across the plant.

  • Inductive Automation (Ignition): Enable machine data captured by Ignition to drive actions within the SafetyChain platform, automating essential plant processes such as quality checks and live OEE monitoring.

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"SafetyChain has allowed our company to elevate our in-house quality systems. We can focus our attention on continuous improvement and growing the business rather than reviewing paper records and manually transcribing data for statistical purposes."
Erica W.
VP, Quality Operations
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"The agility and versatility SafetyChain provides to our business are remarkable. We can slice and dice the use of Safety Chain to accommodate our business needs at different levels of our business."
Gabriel T.
Quality Analyst
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"Digital Plant Management is the cornerstone of any highly functioning factory and operations."
Jason M.
VP, Supply Chain

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