Digital Plant Management for Continuous Improvement

Engineer Your Long-Term Success

Drive measurable value across the plant with accurate data and actionable insights now and in the future.

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Digital Plant Management For Continuous Improvement

On the production floor, every fractional improvement counts. Without precise operational data, it’s a challenge to identify areas of improvement and measure progress. Proactively engineer failure points out of your system and build velocity without risking disruption. 

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Optimize Processes

Streamline production by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and complexities.

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Facilitate Collaboration

Foster cross-departmental teamwork by breaking down silos with improvements that are easily understood.

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Initiate Visibility

Establish reliable KPI baselines and confidently track progress with accurate facility-wide data.

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Demonstrate Value

Ensure initiatives deliver tangible results through robust measurement and build trust with production.

The Value Of An Optimized System

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Promote a Leaner System

  • Statistical Process Control: Reduce production process variability to ensure consistent product quality. Alert operators when products drifts out of tolerance and facilitating immediate corrective action.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Trend live performance on the shop floor, from product tolerance to scrap data, and understand where the shop floor needs to make adjustments for better run rates.

  • Strategic Oversight: Equip operators with intuitive tools for timely decision-making, while giving management the ability to catch and correct potential issues before they evolve.

Pinpoint Opportunities That Make A Difference

  • Root Cause Analysis: Capture the “reason why” data behind issues and conduct in-depth Fishbone or 5-Why to inform PDCA. Know why there was a problem, not just that it happened.

  • Cases: Document and drill into the source of an issue (internal audit, unplanned downtime, etc), its location, and specific stage of operations for continuous improvement strategy and benchmarking.

  • Customer Complaints: Turn feedback into actionable insight and streamline the documentation of complaints surrounding product quality and delivery. Easily manage investigation workflows and other processes to quickly address issues.

Measure and Translate Progress Towards KPIs

  • Analytics: Customizable live and historical trends of the metrics that matter, such as:

    • Top 5 pieces of equipment affected by downtime, top 5 downtime reasons

    • OEE score by Item, Batch, Line, Shift, and Location. View availability, performance, and quality by day or month

    • Yield performance, SPC, and scrap improvement by shift or equipment

    • Incident rates, closed CAPAs, and outstanding tasks for improved workflows

  • Reports: Easily compile detailed reports of everything that occurred during the production process for upper management within minutes of a request.

Capture All The Data You Need

  • Digital Forms: Leverage mobile forms designed for the end-user, allowing operators to flag deviations and aggregate data from quality checks for performance reporting. 

  • Automated Data Capture (IIoT): Reduce manual data entry with a wide variety of supported connections to devices like weigh scales, barcode scanners, and measurement tools.

  • Real-Time OEE Analysis: Track and visualize critical live measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (throughput, availability, and quality) within the production process to accurately assess how efficiently the plant is running at any given time.

  • System Integration: Create a data flow between our platform and your existing equipment and systems (ERP, MES, SCADA) for consistency across the plant and visibility into the corners of the facility lacking data.

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"SafetyChain has allowed our company to elevate our in-house quality systems. We can focus our attention on continuous improvement and growing the business rather than reviewing paper records and manually transcribing data for statistical purposes."
Erica W.
VP, Quality Operations
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SafetyChain is my favorite tool...It creates that transparency where everyone can see how we're performing. People understand why we do things a certain way, and I think that's critical.
Cindie S.
Training & Strategic Initiatives Manager
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"SafetyChain frees up resources. People can start now doing more preventative and Continuous improvement activities vs more monitoring and "babysitting" on the floor to make sure everyone is doing it right."
Craig V.
Chief Quality Officer

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