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Your Paper And Spreadsheets Can't Do This

Digitize quality to give your team tools and insights needed to ensure regulatory compliance, improve product quality, and drive plant-wide improvement. No more sifting through stacks of paper to find what you're looking for. Gain visibility and control over quality programs with real-time data accessible on any device. Plus, you’ll always be audit-ready.

Digitize Quality Checks

  • Save Time

  • Eliminate Paper

  • Lower Cost of Quality

Manage Compliance & Food Safety

  • Ensure Regulatory & GFSI Compliance

  • Streamline Audits

  • Enterprise-Wide Visibility & Reporting

Establish Efficient Quality Processes

  • Accelerate Spec Verification

  • Easy Access to SOP & Spec data

  • Reduce Waste, Rework, & Product Holds

Key Capabilities
Digitize Quality, HACCP & Food Safety Checks
CAPA, 5 Why & Fishbone Analysis
Program Management
Record Verification
Secure Profiles
Program Compliance Dashboard
GS1 Barcode Scanning
In-Process/Finished Product Testing
GMP & Facility Audit Programs
3rd Party/Internal Lab Micro Tests
Pre-Shipment Reviews & Trailer Testing

Quality Doesn’t Happen In A Silo

Without the right tools in your arsenal, managing quality is bound to cause a few headaches.

  • Front-Line Operators: Completing paper-based quality checks makes it harder to hit production goals.

  • Production Managers: Lengthy product holds and pre-shipment reviews lead to shipment delays and customer complaints.

  • Quality Managers: Disorganized and incomplete paperwork lengthens the audit process and puts compliance at risk.

  • Plant Managers: Inconsistent product quality, high scrap rates, & frequent product holds lead to tighter profit margins.

  • Corporate Management: Lack of visibility across the enterprise makes it difficult to ensure programs are being properly executed at each plant.

You need a quality solution everyone can rally behind.

  • Front-Line Operators: Quickly and easily capture critical quality data with digital forms on any mobile device.

  • Production Leaders: Define processes and improve communications with automated workflows & notifications.

  • Quality Professionals: Ensure your plant is always in compliance and audit-ready with digitized, real-time quality documentation.

  • Plant Managers: Increase throughput by empowering your team with accurate data and easy-to-use tools to identify and address problems.

  • Corporate Leadership: Get visibility into plant-level performance through real-time dashboards, in-depth analytics, and reporting tools.

Unlock The Value of Quality Data

Monitor product quality, pinpoint urgent issues, and streamline processes to mitigate time-sensitive disruptions.

  • Configurable Forms: Clearly define the data, photo evidence, root cause context, and feedback you need operators and supervisors to record during production.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Visualize data and tasks so you can continuously monitor how many records are passing specifications with the ability to immediately investigate issues that are causing failed checks.

  • Verifications: Understand which records require your sign-off and quickly review the necessary quality and sanitation check information.

  • Tasks & Notifications: Define processes and trigger communications when tasks need to be completed, eliminating guesswork and driving accountability.

Identify trends, conduct investigations, and create rich reports that highlight opportunities for improvement.

  • Analytics: Customizable live and historical views of the metrics that matter, including:

    • Quality incident dashboard to manage complaints, investigations, non-conformances, and co-manufacturers/suppliers.

    • SPC and scrap data by shift or equipment to identify areas of improvement.

    • Incident rates, NCRs, closed CAPAs, and outstanding tasks for improved workflows.

    • Root Cause Analysis: Conduct an in-depth Fishbone or 5-Why analysis to understand the underlying cause of issues.

  • Cases: Document and drill into the source of an issue (customer complaint, internal audit, sanitation, etc), its location, and specific stage of operations for continuous improvement.

  • Reports: Easily generate detailed reports of everything that occurred during the production process, from number of quality corrections to who conducted an investigation, to provide visibility to the broader organization.

Plays Well With Others

Elevate your plant-wide approach to quality without disrupting what’s already working for you.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP or MES) to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

  • Pre-shipment Processes: Integrate with data from other systems to determine whether delays stem from a training or sign off issue. Identify needed process improvements so products aren’t recalled and customers don’t complain.

  • Traceability: Quickly unify and associate data and identifiers (such as raw material, batch/lot numbers, etc) with any process documented by your team during the production cycle.

Protect your plant's reputation by providing external stakeholders visibility into critical quality and compliance data.

  • Reports: Compile reports for upper management or customers within minutes of their request. Summarize product specifications, compliance percentages, audit results, and more.

  • Auditor View: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors secure access to discrete information and CAPA records. This includes adherence to ISOs, BRC, FSSC, GFSI, SQF, FSMA, and more.

  • Document Repository: Store and track versions of critical materials such as supplier, quality, and compliance documents for industry certifications.

A Unified Strategy To Improving Yield, Quality, And Productivity

Our detailed guide illustrates case studies of real impact. You’ll see the ROI potential for companies like yours.
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"SafetyChain has allowed our company to elevate our in-house quality systems. We can focus our attention on continuous improvement and growing the business rather than reviewing paper records and manually transcribing data for statistical purposes."
Erica W.
VP, Quality Operations
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"Quality has been able to participate in production [by providing] yield and output numbers. The checks we're doing around weight control, monitoring giveaway, in process checks allow operators to make adjustments as they run instead of after the fact."
Rachel W.
Quality Manager
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"SafetyChain helped us breeze through an FDA inspection and NOAA audit – and we’re now confident that we’ll be ready ‘at the click of a mouse’ for SQF unannounced audits. The solution also allows us to be audit ready on demand."
Bob B.
Group Operations Manager

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