Aligning FSMA with GFSI Requirements: Best Practices

For FDA/FSMA-regulated food and beverage manufacturers who are also GFSI certified, managing two or more sets of food safety requirements is not only complicated, it’s nearly impossible.

This guide offers strategies for combining them into one unified program under a single framework so all requirements are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

What's Inside

  • Key differences between FDA-FSMA and GFSI, including supplier compliance requirements

  • Areas of FSMA/GFSI overlap: hazard analysis, preventive controls, monitoring procedures, corrective actions, verification and validation, and customer complaint response

  • Strategies for managing documents, data, and records that are shared by both systems

  • Tips for conforming GFSI to FSMA requirements, including GFSI schemes and codes

  • Ways to handle FSMA non-conformances in your GFSI audit

  • Bonus insights: advice for managing your GFSI auditors

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