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Digital Plant Management For Plant Management

Manufacturing is inherently unpredictable and success is hard to quantify daily. Now you can equip your plant floor with tools to minimize loss and waste at every stage. Insert visibility into each facet of production, from machine availability and performance to the quality of the output. 

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Optimize Profitability

Calculate true cost of product manufacturing, improve profit margins, and make data-driven decisions to hit timelines.

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Elevate Your Workforce

Boost employee retention and safety by fostering a culture of skill development and continuous improvement.

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Enhance Product Quality

Ensure consistent high-quality products by eliminating variability, waste, and rework.

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End Unplanned Disruption

Maintain consistent production flow by proactively addressing issues and pinpointing areas of improvement in the face of unpredictability. 

The Value Of A Unified System

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Your Product: The Devil’s In The Details

  • Tighten Process Controls: Address and monitor the intricate demands of temperature-sensitive packaging, pressure control, fill level accuracy, sealing, and more.

  • Fine-tune Inspection: Track and trend quality check data at various stages to identify raw material non-conformance and reduce defects per million.

  • Reduce waste: Enable your frontline to identify and rectify issues in real time, handling material inconsistency and elevating product quality across the manufacturing process.

  • Optimize Yield: Maximize product quality and yield with tailored dashboards for analyzing batch data and production trends. Reduce waste, energy consumption, and operational costs.

  • Regulatory Programs: Ensure the plant and its processes are in compliance with third-party regulatory standards. Capture audit-ready data and utilize pre-built program templates that support all major food safety programs.

  • Audit Management: Streamline third-party audits and alleviate the burden on QA personnel by providing auditors with secure access to the information they need, increasing operational efficiency.

  • Compliance & Safety Management: Ensure suppliers, personnel, processes, and finished goods are in compliance throughout receiving, production, and pre-shipment.

Your Plant: Start And End On Time

  • Pre-Shipment Reviews & Product Holds: Streamline pre-shipment reviews to optimize schedule attainment and reduce the number of product holds with clearly defined processes, accurate data, and improved product quality.

  • Downtime Tracking: Monitor equipment availability in real-time to know the moment a downtime event occurs. Quickly address issues impacting productivity and boost capacity utilization.

  • Automated (IoT) Data Capture: Automate the capture of digital data from manufacturing equipment in order to support critical quality and production use cases, such as manufacturing process data, temperatures and more.

  • Proactive Quality Control: Quickly flag and report non-conformances so quality managers always have a live view of issues and can prioritize their attention. 

  • Risk Management: Oversee the plant’s potential exposure to external risk factors (from suppliers, ingredients, and other sources) to improve decision-making when evaluating current & future suppliers, and foster business reputation.

  • Internal Programs: Coordinate and track internal processes surrounding internal audit programs such as Pre-Ops, Maintenance, Sanitation, and EHS.

Your People: Success From The Bottom Up

  • Digital Forms: Leverage mobile forms designed for the end-user, allowing operators to flag deviations and attach photos. Trend data from quality checks for performance reporting. 

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Trend live performance on the shop floor, from product tolerance to scrap data, visually informing operators on needed adjustments.

  • Device Integration: Simplify data capture and reduce manual data entry with a wide variety of supported connections to devices like weigh scales, barcode scanners, and measurement tools.

  • Strategic Oversight: Equip operators with the tools to do the right thing at the right time, while giving management the ability to correct and improve processes.

  • Dashboards: Customize live and historical reports on the metrics that matter, including throughput, floor metrics, machine downtime, and much more. 

  • Reporting: Compile historical reports for leadership within minutes of their request.

Your Performance: Reports That Tie The Plant Together

  • Overview Dashboard: Convert data from various processes into meaningful data. Track number of non-compliance events, downtime to operating time ratio, throughput, yield, and much more.

  • Performance Benchmarking: Compare your plant's performance to other organizational facilities and industry standards.

  • Operational Planning: Inform strategic decisions with visibility into the corners of the facility lacking data, such as EHS, maintenance, and supplier management.

  • Real-Time Productivity Analysis: Track and visualize critical live measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (throughput, availability, and quality) within the production process. Accurately assess how efficiently the plant is running at any given time.

  • Maintenance: Manage both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, tracking the documentation and creating workflows to maximize facility uptime, throughput, and run rates.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP, MES, SCADA) and equipment to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

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"SafetyChain can understand our company's unique requirements that are either legacy or caused by industry changes, all while making it easy for the end user.
Aubrey G.
Plant Manager
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“From a plant management standpoint, I’m now a step ahead with SafetyChain. No more being reactive, I can spend my time working on things that impact the bottom line like yield.”
Eric S.
Plant Manager
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"SafetyChain Software makes me a better Plant Manager because it gives me all of the data ... it points out the lack of efficiencies in places so I can spend my time focusing on just that."
Anthony G.
Plant Manager

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