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Go From Reactive To Proactive

Go beyond Availability x Performance x Quality. Get the formula for success with an easy-to-use solution that empowers decisive action on the plant floor.

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You Can't Solve Problems Operating In The Dark

Digitize production to give your plant the tools and insights needed to increase efficiency and maximize your plant capacity. Understand the true performance of every shift, line, batch, and facility at any given moment. Automate the capture of machine data so you can always have a pulse on your plant’s performance.

Accurate Downtime Tracking

  • Faster Problem Resolution

  • Increase Utilization

  • Ensure On-Time Delivery

Automate Machine Data Capture

  • Remove Dependency on Tribal Knowledge

  • Improve Product Quality

  • Improve Workforce Efficiency

Real-Time OEE Analysis

  • Eliminate Bottlenecks

  • Increase Throughput

  • Start & End On Time

Key Capabilities
OEE Calculations & Dashboards
KPI & Performance Dashboards
SPC Charts
Root Cause Analysis & Alerts
Real-Time Spec Verification
Equipment Checks
Shift & Line Monitor/Comparison
Quality Rejections
Operations Monitor
Production Plan Import

Production That Fires On All Cylinders

Without a complete picture, managing production will always feel reactive.

  • Front-Line Operators: Relying on incomplete information makes it difficult to find and solve issues that are slowing you down.

  • Production Managers: Downtime, delayed line starts, and line changeovers cause your team to frequently miss performance targets.

  • Quality Managers: Starts, stops, and end of runs are adversely effecting product quality.

  • Plant Managers: Lack of visibility into plant floor activity makes it harder to identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

  • Corporate Management: Inconsistent processes and lack of visibility into plant activities make it difficult to identify and establish best practices across locations.

You need a production solution everyone can rally behind.

  • Front-Line Operators: Eliminate the guesswork with live dashboards and alerts that pinpoint exactly where problems are occurring on the production line.

  • Production Leaders: Understand where and why slowdowns are occurring with easy to use data visualizations that are updated in real-time.

  • Quality Professionals: Identify and address events within the production process that are impacting product quality with live production data.

  • Plant Managers: Accurately assess the efficiency of each machine, production line, and shift at any given time with live OEE dashboards.

  • Corporate Leadership: Establish common data capture, processes, and reporting capabilities across facilities and benchmark enterprise-wide performance with data that rolls up into unified dashboards.

Unlock The Value Of OEE

Capture today’s shop floor data and correct issues before they jeopardize delivery. Align corporate goals with the reality of daily plant activities.

  • Configurable Forms: Clearly define the data, photo evidence, root cause context, and feedback you need operators, supervisors, and maintenance to record during production.

  • Shop Floor Indicators: Visualize live production run data, and automate alerts to keep operators within product tolerance and maintenance on deck.

  • Automated Tasks & Notifications: Define processes and trigger communications to expedite pre-operations checks, pre-shipment reviews, and changeovers, accounting for switches in product on the same line so downtime reason codes are accurately assessed.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Measure performance against KPIs and display OEE score by Item, Batch, Line, Shift, and Location. Compare availability, performance, and quality by day or month.

Pinpoint issues before your next production meeting. Analyze all the data you need for an optimal run rate.

  • Reports: Easily generate detailed reports of everything that occurred during the production process and provide visibility to the broader organization, from number of quality incidents to who conducted an investigation.

  • Analytics: Customizable live and historical views of the metrics that matter, including:

    • Slowdown Events: Dig into data that identifies bottlenecks and temporary disruption after a sub-optimal run.

    • Multi-factor Downtime: Add context to downtime incidents to understand whether a line is down for one continuous reason or several.

    • Top 5 Reasons: View top 5 pieces of equipment affected by downtime, top 5 downtime reasons, the total number of rejected products and occurrences. 

    • Quantity Rejected: Identify quantity rejected by shift, by reason, total cost, and the impact it may have on overall production.

You Need Transformation, Not Disruption

Take the manual burden off your team and put your production data to work for the entire plant.

  • Start Up Time: Integrate with data from other systems to determine whether delays stem from a training or maintenance issue. Capture and categorize the "why" behind delays for needed process improvements so good days aren't derailed from the start.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP, MES or SCADA) to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

  • Device Integration: Simplify data capture and reduce manual data entry with a wide variety of supported connections to devices like weigh scales, barcode scanners, and measurement tools.

External stakeholders deserve better than outdated, inaccurate data buried in paper and spreadsheets.

  • Performance Reports: Compile historical reports for upper management or customers within minutes of their request. Summarize downtime to operating ratio, scrap data, equipment failures, and more.

  • Multi-Site Visibility: Compare plant performance metrics to other facilities, company benchmarks, and industry standards.

  • Document Repository: Store and track versions of SOPs, maintenance logs, quality, and compliance documents for industry certifications and regulatory requirements.

Learn A Realistic Approach To Measuring OEE And Efficiency

Our detailed guide illustrates case studies of real impact. You’ll see the ROI potential for companies like yours.
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"SafetyChain Software makes me a better Plant Manager because it gives me all of the data ... it points out the lack of efficiencies in places so I can spend my time focusing on just that."
Anthony G.
Plant Manager
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"SafetyChain helps to connect a lot of dots in our process. It gives us meaningful and real-time information and the dashboards give us that immediate feedback down on the floor."
Craig V.
Chief Quality Officer
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“I’m saving my quality team time, I’m saving myself time, and I’m saving my production staff a ton of time. And finally, I’m getting through audits quicker because I can pull up records from a database - auditors look at them for maybe two or three seconds, and we move on. ”
Bridget K.
Director of Food Safety
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"SafetyChain has proven instrumental in addressing key challenges related to inbound inspections and product quality within our organization. By seamlessly integrating this software into our processes, we've experienced several notable benefits."
Joshua K.
Warehouse Operations Manager

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