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Measurable Results Require Rigorous Control

Digitized process control equips your team with tools and insights they need to make preemptive adjustments, preventing minor issues from escalating. Automate data collection and use real-time control charts monitoring for on-the-go adjustments that minimize costly non-conformances.

Tighten Specification Limits

  • Optimize Conformance

  • Reduce Giveaway

  • Increase Yield

Optimize Processes

  • Identify Bottlenecks

  • Prevent Non-Conformances

  • Streamline Inspections

Improve Problem Resolution

  • Save Time

  • Reduce Scrap and Rework

  • Increase Throughput

Key Capabilities
Real-Time SPC Dashboards
Non-Compliance Resolution
Instant Data Collection
Run Rule Alerts & Monitoring
Specification Verification
Event & Exception Notifications
Shift, Line, Batch & Lot Records
Run Rule Monitoring & Violation Attribution
Process Capability Analysis

Process Control Drives Plant-Wide Precision

It's hard for everyone to hit their targets when you rely on incomplete data and poorly defined processes.

  • Front-Line Operators: Relying on incomplete or latent information makes it difficult to quickly address non-conformances.

  • Production Managers: Waste and rework due to product inconsistencies are causing your team to frequently miss performance targets.

  • Quality Managers: Unnecessarily broad conformance requirements are increasing waste and the cost of quality.

  • Plant Managers: Lengthy inspection processes and frequent rework reduces throughput.

  • Corporate Management: High cost of quality reduces already slim profit margins.

You need an SPC solution everyone can rally behind.

  • Front-Line Operators: Quickly take action with automated notifications that alert the team the moment a run rule is violated.

  • Production Managers: Ensure you hit your production goals with real-time data and processes that help you quickly diagnose and solve problems.

  • Quality Managers: Control the cost of quality and reduce waste by tightening product specs.

  • Plant Managers: Increase your plant's throughput with workflows and notifications that optimize and enforce processes.

  • Corporate Management: Increase profit margins and improve customer satisfaction with real-time data that prevents nonconformances and improves product quality.

Unlock The Value of SPC

Implement quality standards and intuitive workflows that keep the operators organized, confident, and on time.

  • Configurable Forms: Clearly define the quality check data, photo evidence, and direct observation feedback you need operators and supervisors to record during production.

  • Tasks & Notifications: Define processes that communicate immediate, upcoming, and overdue SPC checks. Establish sample quality parameters that trigger alerts for supervisor follow-up and investigation.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Project SPC check data once a form is submitted, visualizing SPC charts and live trends that inform operators when they're beginning to trend out of specification.

  • Risk Mitigation: Immediately understand how many records have been submitted, how many have passed, and which need attention for corrective action.

Move quality operations beyond rote compliance with spec guidelines, and truly maximize yield.

  • Analytics: Customizable live and historical roll up of any non conformance, deviation, or out-of-specification within a selected time frame. Filter exceptions by:

    • Different forms that processed exceptions

    • Reasons behind non conformance exceptions

    • Resources responsible for specific records (shift or line)

  • Continuous Improvement: Control limits can vary by line equipment or shift personnel. Dig into the data behind performance histograms, X bar and R charts, or Ppk and Cpk to adjust and refine specs. 

  • Root Cause Analysis: Capture and analyze SPC and scrap data to understand the "why" behind rejected product percentages. View by line, shift, or equipment to identify areas of improvement.

Narrow Your Focus To Broaden Your Opportunity

Move past inconsistent and manual SPC calculations subject to human error. Make it easier to analyze, trend, and identify improvements.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (ERP or MES), ensuring data consistency and accessibility across the plant.

  • Live Data Capture: Collect real-time data directly from equipment and sensors, bypassing manual entry for proactive monitoring.

  • Traceability: Quickly unify and associate data and identifiers (such as raw material, batch/lot numbers, etc) with any process documented by your team during the production cycle.

Demonstrate the value of meticulous and consistent quality to management, customers, and auditors.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Audit ready ISO, NCR, and HACCP data, and easy access to all CAPA records and versions of critical documents.

  • Performance Reports: Compile reports for upper management or customers within minutes of their request. Summarize product specifications, compliance percentages, audit results, and more.

  • Forecasting: Data insight for a more predictive system despite volatile demand and changing requirements. Gather:

    • Ppk: data that tells you whether a run met specs.

    • Cpk: data that tells you whether you’re capable of meeting a spec in the future, and the expected waste and rework.

Steps That Yield Quick Results And Mitigate Risk

Our detailed guide illustrates case studies of real impact. You’ll see the ROI potential for companies like yours.
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"We have been able to start keeping track of issues we did not necessarily realize we had. We can now accurately track waste from production, and eliminate the guesswork that comes along with paper records. We have been able to allocate more time to issues that need attention."
Christopher D.
QA & Food Safety Manager
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"Our plant runs pretty flawlessly now with SafetyChain. We were able to use SafetyChain and the data we entered, with min and maxes, to give us a better look at when we're running heavy vs when we're running lights and the good packs that came from that."
Brian S.
Plant Manager
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"SafetyChain has been a great tool that has helped our organization grow closer together as we tackle complex situations and strive to drive growth at the same time. We continue to push both the software and the organization to improve, and after two years, we are still finding new uses and the team at SafetyChain has continued to strive to help solve and drive success."
Adam D.
Chief Product Officer

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