Digital Plant Management for Quality Professionals

Be A Value-Driver, Not A Cost Center

Streamline quality for manufacturing excellence. Control risk, quality, and the integrity of your manufacturing process.

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Digital Plant Management For Quality Managers

Value is overlooked when time is spent meeting the demands of lengthy audits, enforcing strict adherence to protocols, and managing suppliers through arduous processes. Move your team beyond excessive administrative tasks and rote rule enforcement. Prioritize efforts to exceed customer expectations, stay ahead of regulations, and drive process improvements.

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Mitigate Risks

Implement preventive measures to avoid quality events and recalls, protecting consumers and brand.

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Ace Audits

Save time with streamlined document management and approval workflows.

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Synchronize Quality

Stay ahead of evolving regulations and enhance food safety checks to elevate product quality.

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Drive Business Value

Minimize waste, lower the cost of quality, and reduce holds to maintain production schedules.

Reliable Quality For Reliable Impact

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Manage Any Quality Event

  • Automate Quality Checks: Digitally capture quality check data and photo evidence during the production process to track performance, identify issues, and improve overall quality. Adhere to ISO, cGMP, and HACCP standards.

  • Statistical Process Control: Tighten production process variability to reduce waste and ensure more consistent product quality. Implement CAPA measures to correct deviations and prevent recurrence.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Trend live performance on the shop floor, from product tolerance to scrap data, visually informing operators on needed adjustments.

  • Digital Forms: Customize forms to capture or remove quality or sanitation data you need for immediate tracking and improvement.

  • Automated Tasks and Alerts: Define processes and trigger notifications when tasks need to be completed or when products drift out of tolerance, eliminating guesswork and driving accountability.

  • Reduce Holds and Shipment Delays: Streamline time consuming pre-shipment reviews and reduce product holds with clearly defined processes, accurate data, and improved product quality.

Reduce Waste, Defects, And Costs

  • Dashboards: Customizable live and historical overview on the metrics that matter, such as:

    • Quality incident dashboard to manage complaints, investigations, non-conformances, and co-manufacturers/suppliers.

    • SPC and scrap data by shift or equipment to identify areas of improvement.

    • Incident rates, closed CAPAs, and outstanding tasks for improved workflows.

  • Reports: Easily compile detailed reports of everything that occurred during the production process for upper management or customers within minutes of their request, from number of quality corrections to who conducted an investigation.

  • Root Cause Analysis: Capture the “reason why” data and conduct in-depth Fishbone or 5-Why so you know why there was a problem, not just that it happened.

  • Cases: Document and drill into the source of an issue (customer complaint, internal audit, sanitation, etc), its location, and specific stage of operations for continuous improvement.

  • Internal Programs: Coordinate and track processes surrounding internal audit programs that surface areas for improvement in Pre-Ops, Maintenance, Sanitation, and EHS.

Replace Your Manual Compliance

  • Audit Management: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors secure access to discrete information and CAPA records. This includes standards such as BRC, FSSC, GFSI, SQF, PCQI, and FSMA.

  • Document Repository: Store and track versions of critical materials such as supplier documentation, work instructions, quality and compliance documents, and associate them with critical programs.

  • Traceability: Quickly unify and associate data and identifiers (such as raw material, batch/lot numbers, etc.) with any process documented by your team during the production cycle for forward/back traceability.

  • Defined Processes: Ensure suppliers, personnel, processes, and finished goods are in compliance throughout receiving, production, and pre-shipment.

  • Pre-Built Templates:  Organize activities, documents, and other objects under reportable and auditable templates to support SQF, BRC, ISO, and more.

  • Response Plans: Build investigative response plans and regulator confidence in your operations with detailed data history. 

Establish Control Across the Value Chain

  • Improve Relationships: Simplify management of external suppliers with a supplier portal, automated workflows, and other tools designed to streamline communications.

  • Limit Risk: Capture and track critical supplier documentation, and drive corrective actions while complying with ISO and cGMP standards.

  • Simplify Approval: Improve root cause analysis and decision-making when evaluating current and future suppliers. Consider potential plant exposure to external risk factors, such as supplier environments, ingredients, and other sources.

  • Customer Reports: Easily create reports and charts for customers on product specifications, compliance percentages, audit reports, and more.

  • Customer Complaints: Simplify the documentation of complaints surrounding product quality and delivery, and easily manage investigation workflows and other processes to quickly address issues.

  • Customer Compliance: Monitor the data and define the workflows necessary to meet requirements of any SKU on your line.

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“I’m saving my quality team time, I’m saving myself time, and I’m saving my production staff a ton of time. And finally, I’m getting through audits quicker because I can pull up records from a database - auditors look at them for maybe two or three seconds, and we move on. ”
Bridget K.
Director of Food Safety
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"Safety Chain has helped save time gathering documents for audits and when doing investigations for food safety or customer concerns! Safety Chain helps solve the issue of tracking and trending data in spreadsheets, ensuring records are completed and verified."
Kacie O.
Quality Assurance Coordinator
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"Using SafetyChain has given instant inventory, process, and QC data visibility to various levels of the organization, saving time and money. The system has also allowed for shorter employee training in the areas of quality policies and good documentation practices."
Erica W.
VP, Quality Operations

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