Digital Plant Management for Production Professionals

Stop Fighting Fires, Start Driving Improvements

Close the gap between your practical and theoretical max. Reduce variability & optimize productivity to hit production goals consistently.

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Digital Plant Management For Production Managers

Disruptions and process variability derail schedules. High operating costs and fluctuations in demand jeopardize stability. Don’t let unplanned stops or ad-hoc challenges undermine daily production targets, product quality, and your frontline’s productivity. 

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Maximize Yield

Ensure high product quality while minimizing waste and rework.

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Optimize Processes

Refine processes and create frameworks to increase throughput.

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Forecasting Effectively

Ensure finished goods meet customer specifications and production schedules.

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Drive Frontline Efficiency

Educate and empower frontline workers to boost plant capacity.

The Value Of A Consistent System

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Run Lean, Reduce Risks

  • Automate Quality Checks: Digitally capture quality check data during the production process to track performance, identify issues, and improve overall product quality for minimized scrap and overfill.

  • Statistical Process Control: Reduce production process variability to ensure consistent product quality, alerting when a product drifts out of tolerance.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Trend live performance on the shop floor, from product tolerance to scrap data, visually informing operators on needed adjustments.

  • Reduce Holds & Shipment Delays: Streamline pre-shipment reviews to optimize schedule attainment and reduce number of product holds with clearly defined processes, accurate data, & improved product quality.

  • Trend Analysis: Track shift performance and identify where specifications should be adjusted to improve yield.

  • Strategic Oversight: Equip operators with the tools to do the right thing at the right time, while giving management the ability to correct and improve processes.

Digital Workflows To Avoid Delays

  • Digital Forms: Mobile forms designed for the end-user, allowing operators to flag inconsistent quality and attach photos. Automatically trend data from checks for performance reporting. 

  • Automated Tasks and Alerts: Define processes, trigger communications when tasks need to be completed, eliminating guesswork and driving accountability.

  • Document Repository: Store and track versions of materials such as work instructions, quality & compliance documents, and associate them with critical programs.

Spot Problems Before Your Next Meeting

  • Dashboards: Customizable live and historical overview of the metrics that matter, such as:

    • Machine uptime, throughput numbers and floor metrics

    • Yield performance and scrap improvement

    • Quality incident dashboard to manage complaints, investigations, non-conformances, and co-manufacturers/suppliers

  • Reports: Compile historical reports for upper management within minutes of their request.

  • Internal Programs: Coordinate and track processes surrounding internal audit programs such as Pre-Ops, Maintenance, Sanitation, and EHS.

  • Proactive Quality Control: Quickly flag and report product issues so quality managers always have a live view of issues, and can prioritize their attention. 

  • Uncover Hidden Costs: Visibility into all shop jobs to identify the most effective way to run a production line.

Data That Ties Production Together

  • Downtime Tracking: Monitor equipment availability in real-time to know the moment a downtime event occurs to more quickly address issues impacting productivity, enhancing capacity utilization.

  • Operational Planning: Inform strategic decisions with visibility into the corners of the facility lacking data, such as EHS, maintenance and supplier management.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP, MES, SCADA) to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

  • Real-Time OEE Analysis: Track and visualize critical live measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (throughput, availability, and quality) within the production process. Accurately assess how efficiently the plant is running at any given time.

  • Automated (IoT) Data Capture: Automate the capture of digital data from manufacturing equipment in order to support critical quality and production use cases, such as manufacturing process data, temperatures, pH, and more.

  • Maintenance: Manage both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, tracking the documentation and creating workflows to maximize facility uptime, throughput, and run rates.

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"SafetyChain has proven instrumental in addressing key challenges related to inbound inspections and product quality within our organization. By seamlessly integrating this software into our processes, we've experienced several notable benefits."
Joshua K.
Warehouse Operations Manager
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“From a plant management standpoint, I’m now a step ahead with SafetyChain. No more being reactive, I can spend my time working on things that impact the bottom line like yield.”
Eric S.
Plant Manager
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"SafetyChain Software makes me a better Plant Manager because it gives me all of the data ... it points out the lack of efficiencies in places so I can spend my time focusing on just that."
Anthony G.
Plant Manager

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