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SafetyChain in Motion

Stories from our customers:

Death Wish Coffee: Digital Transformation

See how SafetyChain helped Death Wish Coffee meet quality standards and production goals with digital transformation. Watch how they transformed to save over $5 million annually.

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MSI Express: Enabling The Frontline To Continuously Improvement

By eliminating time-sucking, manual tasks, MSI is enabling its workforce to focus on activity that drives the bottom line even while expanding facilities and operations.

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Plant Impact Spotlight: Safety and Employee Value at Lincoln Premium Poultry

Lincoln Premium Poultry emphasizes the importance of valuing and respecting employees, changing negative misconceptions in meat packing, and maintaining industry-leading safety standards.

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FSMA, Technology & Audits: How Sokol & Co Automated the Audit Process

Learn how Sokol & Company became audit-ready all the time (earning the SQF Practitioner of the Year award), and significantly reduced errors and incidents.

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Driving Labor Efficiency: How Four Companies Optimized Operations

Learn how Wholestone Farms, Crosby's, BASF, and MSI Express streamlined processes, optimized resource allocation, and reduced labor costs.

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How an $11B Global Food Company Increased Production by 36% with OEE

See how Ajinomoto implemented Digital Plant Management, resulting in reduced waste and increased production by over 36% without compromising quality.

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How Fresca Integrated Quality and Production Systems to Keep Up with Growth

Learn how to unify Quality and Production systems through the lens of Fresca Mexican Foods, producer of over 5 million tortillas daily.

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Operator-Driven Results: How Empowering The Frontline Improves Profitability

How Beyond Meat, Ajinomoto, Death Wish Coffee, and Brakebush increased employee engagement and achieved sustainable improvements in productivity, quality, and safety.

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How Rosina Achieved Digital Transformation From the Plant Floor Up

Learn how Rosina Food Products effectively transitioned away from manual processes with digital plant management and saved $10 million.

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“From a plant management standpoint, I’m now a step ahead with SafetyChain. No more being reactive, I can spend my time working on things that impact the bottom line like yield.”
Eric S.
Plant Manager
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“Going live [ with SafetyChain] has been nothing short of phenomenal. Now that we see it in action I am stunned. Very pleased with what I have seen. For a long time, there has been no accountability and it is now coming into play!"
Shane W.
Quality Manager
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"SafetyChain frees up resources. People can start now doing more preventative and Continuous improvement activities vs more monitoring and "babysitting" on the floor to make sure everyone is doing it right."
Craig V.
Chief Quality Officer
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"With SafetyChain, the quality of people we hire can be leveled up. Less people doing paperwork and higher skilled people doing analysis driving improvement."
Charles W.

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