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5 Keys to Building a Better Food Safety Culture

In this exclusive ebrief, Lone Jespersen from Cultivate Food Safety presents her five-stage Cultivate model that helps food companies measure, establish, and strengthen their food safety culture.

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Operational Effectiveness: Uncovering the Hidden Dollars in Your Food Facility

In this exclusive ebrief, learn best practices for implementing operational performance improvement projects to help companies find and quantify areas where they can enhance revenue, reduce costs, and increase profits […]

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Strategies For Successful Gluten-Free Management: Start Clean, Stay Clean

In this exclusive ebrief, learn how  learn how leading food companies who offer gluten-free products are taking rigorous steps to develop effective gluten-free management programs and why implementing a gluten control program from the first point of your supply chain is the most effective approach.[…]

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Rethinking Risk Cover

Rethinking Risk: How to Effectively Assess Your Company’s Exposure Quotient

In this exclusive ebrief, learn how companies are employing thorough risk assessments to determine their Exposure Quotient (EQ), and as a result, developing a more defensive position in managing risk to protect consumers, customers, shareholders, and brand image.[…]

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[Download] Supply Chain Risks: Closing the Gaps to Better Protect Your Company

In this exclusive ebrief, learn how leading food manufacturers and processors are taking an economical approach to managing risks in their supply chains, dedicating available resources to the most critical risk factors in their facilities, and ensuring the purchase of safe and high-quality products.[…]

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Balancing Compliance Risk and Performance: How to Optimize Your Food Safety & Quality Systems

In this exclusive ebrief, learn how leading companies are employing simple yet effective strategies to optimize food safety and quality management (FSQM) systems for improved operational performance. From reduced waste to increased productivity,[…]

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Regulation vs. Reality: Bridging the FSMA Gap in Food Defense

In this exclusive case study, learn the five goals of food defense, gain insights on how to achieve and improve a goal-based security and food defense posture, and find out what steps leading companies are taking to develop a Food Defense Plan, a key component of FSMA. […]

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FSMA, Technology & Audits: How a Food Company Automated the Audit Process

In this exclusive case study, learn how Sokol and Company turned to technology to manage the complexities of FSMA and GFSI audits, ultimately realizing the benefits of reduced paperwork, streamlined processes, and improved audit readiness. Gain insights on how a company[…]

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4 Key Ways Technology Helps Ensure GFSI Compliance

To remain competitive and consistently deliver the safest food possible, more food companies are pursuing certification through The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Yet, while becoming GFSI certified is advantageous for an overwhelming majority of companies, it[…]

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Leveraging Technology to Automate a FSMA-Ready Food Safety Plan

In updating their programs to comply with FSMA, companies throughout the food supply chain are recognizing the value of leveraging technology and automation to handle the influx of recordkeeping requirements. In this eBrief, we outline six key components that every[…]

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