Digital Plant Management for Maintenance Professionals

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Accurate data that prevents unplanned downtime and ensures machine health.

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Digital Plant Management For Maintenance

Planned maintenance and unplanned downtime is a constant reprioritization exercise. SafetyChain enables maintenance to increase equipment uptime by bridging the gap between your people and your data. Create, assign, and monitor worker orders and requests. Synthesize data into important daily metrics shared with your team and upper management. 

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Proactive Operations

Track what is passing and failing, assign work orders, and ensure timely maintenance of all assets.

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Robust Reporting

Digitize data entry, streamline reporting, and access valuable reports for informed decision-making.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Enable technicians to share photos and comments, ensuring prompt responses to maintenance requests.

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Data-Driven Processes

Maintain a digital audit trail to track completed and pending work, ensuring department accountability.

The Value Of A Smooth System

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Expect The Unexpected

  • Downtime Tracking: Monitor equipment availability in real-time to know the moment a downtime event occurs and more quickly address issues impacting productivity.

  • Real-Time OEE Analysis: Track and visualize critical live measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (throughput, availability, and quality) within the production process to accurately assess how efficiently the plant is running at any given time.

  • Live Dashboards: Trend shop floor data and understand upcoming tasks to meet preventative maintenance plans and facility uptime.

Proactive Execution Of Preventative Activity

  • Digital Forms: Reduce manual entry and streamline work order creation with intuitive pre-ops checklists and maintenance request forms that keep supervisors promptly informed of maintenance needs.

  • Mobile Management: Digitally capture production and machine data, and attach photos with on-the-go tools. Quickly identify issues and comply with ISO, OSHA, and other EHS standards.

  • Defined Workflows: Implement clear processes and trigger communications for managing planned and unplanned maintenance requests. Reduce unplanned downtime and streamline issues resolution across all stages of operation, from material handling to final production.

Accurate & Uncomplicated Reporting

  • Analytics: Understand full scope of maintenance with customizable live and historical insights, including:

    • Top 5 pieces of equipment affected by downtime and their reason codes

    • Multi-factor downtime: Is equipment down for one reason or several

    • Incident rates, near-miss reporting, closed CAPAs, and outstanding tasks

  • Cases: Document and drill into the source of an incident (equipment calibration, failed check, etc), specific stage of operations, and who responded to refine maintenance strategy.

  • Reports: Easily generate detailed reports of everything that occurred during production, from asset maintenance history to unplanned downtime, and accurately inform preventative maintenance schedules.

Organized Data At Your Fingertips

  • Automated (IoT) Data Capture: Create a data flow between our platform and your existing equipment and systems (ERP, MES, SCADA) for consistency across the plant and visibility into the corners of the facility lacking data.

  • Document Repository: Consolidate all maintenance documents, such as safety protocols, compliance certifications, inspection records, and maintenance logs, and easily associate them with key programs.

  • Audit Management: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors quick access to essential information and service records. This includes adherence to standards such as OSHA, ISOs, EPA, cGMPs, and ANSI.

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Maintenance is easier with SafetyChain. I get notifications sent to my watch and know what’s critical to tackle now.
Anthony G. Jr.
Plant Manager
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"Safety Chain allows the whole workflow to be scheduled with reminders and due dates that don't allow you to miss due dates. All paperwork is organized under filterable resources and can easily be narrowed down to find exactly what you am looking for."
Bobby V.
Maintenance Specialist
star star star star star
"Safety Chain has made record-keeping simpler and more efficient."
Chris W.
Director, Maintenance

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