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A digitized solution to manage EHS programs and reduce risk throughout the plant.

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Paper-Based Safety IS A Hazard

Digital Plant Management eliminates the guesswork and hassle of monitoring Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) processes through spreadsheets, paper forms, and email. With SafetyChain you can capture, trend, and analyze incident data to uncover repeat risks. After all, Safety is in our name.

Improve Health & Safety

  • Faster Response to Incidents

  • Increase Business Transparency

  • Ensure Legal Compliance

Automate EHS Programs

  • Simplify Reporting

  • Reduce Human Error

  • Organize Incident Workflows, Tasks & Notifications

Reduce EHS Costs

  • Reduce Unnecessary Expenses

  • Ensure Continuous Improvement

  • Automate Audits

Key Capabilities
OSHA 1910
Reporting, Dashboards & Analysis
Equipment, Wastewater, AED, PPE Checks
EPA Inspection Management
Corrective Actions
Risk Management & Assessments
Mobile Incident Reporting
Audit Management
Occupational Health Management
Emergency Response Plans

Get Rid Of That Hair On Fire Feeling

The people who make your products deserve nothing less than the best.

  • Front-Line Operators: Unclear processes and operating procedures put your safety at risk.

  • Production Managers: Relying on time-delayed information makes it difficult to quickly address incidents.

  • Quality Managers: Paper-based documentation makes it difficult to enforce programs, prepare for audits, and take corrective action in a timely fashion.

  • Plant Managers: Frequent incidents threaten the plant's reputation and lead to employee turnover.

  • Corporate Management: Lack of alignment and visibility across plants lead to reactive decision making and inconsistent performance.

You need an EHS solution everyone can rally behind.

  • Front-Line Operators: Make sure you're doing the right action at the right time with clearly defined workflows and easily accessible SOPs.

  • Production Managers: Prevent small issues from becoming big problems with automated alerts that notify you the moment an incident occurs.

  • Quality Managers: Feel confident that your plant is in compliance with digital records that provide real-time visibility into what's happening on the plant floor.

  • Plant Managers: Create a safe, productive work environment with simple, actionable programs that create a culture of accountability.

  • Corporate Management: Make informed, timely decisions with real-time visibility and standardized reporting across all facilities.

Unlock The Value of EHS

Actively save time, prevent incidents, and reduce the risk of contamination, exposure, or injury.

  • Configurable Forms: Clearly define the data, photo evidence, root cause context, and feedback you need operators and supervisors to record for EH&S processes.

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Visualize data and tasks so you can continuously monitor compliance status, incomplete verifications, and incidents with the ability to immediately investigate near-misses.

  • Verifications: Understand which records require your sign-off and quickly review the necessary environmental health and safety check information.

  • Tasks & Notifications: Define processes and trigger communications when tasks need to be completed by internal staff or contractors, improving corrective action and reducing incident rate.

Spreadsheets don’t care when errors have been made, compliance has changed, or when specific data should be trended.

  • Analytics: Customizable live and historical views of the metrics that matter, including:

    • Incident rates, near-miss reporting, closed CAPAs, and outstanding EHS tasks.

    • Non compliance status, pass rate targets, failed check trends 

    • Root Cause Analysis: Conduct an in-depth Fishbone or 5-Why analysis to understand the underlying cause of issues.

  • Cases: Document and drill into the source of an issue or corrective action (near miss, noncompliance, failed check, etc.), its location, and specific stage of operations for continuous improvement. Assign follow up, select severity, and associate costs.

  • Reports: Easily generate detailed reports of everything that occurred during production, from number of direct observations to who conducted an investigation, to understand what’s going right or wrong during an EH&S workflow.

Plays Well With Others

Free up hours spent inputting, searching, and compiling data without disrupting what’s already working for you.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP or MES) to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

  • Device Integration: Simplify data capture and reduce manual data entry with a wide variety of supported connections to devices like weight scales, barcode scanners, and measurement tools.

  • Data Storage: Retain and manage an enormous amount of EHS data, from environmental impact of waste disposal to tracking internal incidents.

Protect your plant's personnel and reputation by providing external stakeholders visibility into critical data.

  • Reports: Compile reports and provide data compatible with certification to upper management or regulators within minutes of their request. Summarize compliance percentages, inspection results, and more.

  • Auditor View: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors secure access to discrete information and CAPA records. This includes adherence to OSHA, EPA, and more.

  • Document Repository: Store versions of critical materials and track when they’re expiring, such as CIDs, SOPs, compliance documents for industry certifications, and more.

How Do EHS Needs Fit Into Digital Plant Management?

Our detailed guide illustrates case studies of real impact. You’ll see the ROI potential for companies like yours.
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"Quality has been able to participate in production [by providing] yield and output numbers. The checks we're doing around weight control, monitoring giveaway, in process checks allow operators to make adjustments as they run instead of after the fact."
Rachel W.
Quality Manager
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"What I like most about Safety Chain is its ability to integrate Occupational Safety records with other department records and the visibility this creates to the larger business."
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"SafetyChain is our ground truth. It is the record we can always go back to and the working document that our production team uses every single day to make sure we're meeting our quality standards."
Jason M.
VP, Supply Chain

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