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Digital transformation can be daunting, especially when you value the processes that have defined your shop floor. Past experience with legacy tools make it hard to know where to start, when to measure success, or how to translate impact to operators. No matter your industry, Digital Plant Management flexes to your needs and leverages your strengths. Stay true to your processes, keep your equipment, ditch your limitations.

Increase Automation

  • Eliminate Paper-Based Processes

  • Minimize Human Error & Burn Out

  • Monitor Real-Time Performance

Improve Transparency and Intelligence

  • Remove Siloed Information & Communication

  • Insert Visibility Across The Value Chain

  • Collaborate with Operators, Regulators & Suppliers

Key Capabilities

  • Optimize Resource Allocation

  • Improve Overall Equipment & Labor Effectiveness

  • Uncover Hidden Capacity & Costs

Key Features
Digitized Production & Quality Checks
Mobile Incident Reporting
Real-Time Quality & Production Performance
Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics
CAPA, 5 Why & Fishbone Analysis
Document Repository
Audit Management
Task Assignments, Notification & Alerts
Equipment Checks
Device Data Collection

Stop Wasting Data. Start Driving Performance

What is the value of a data-driven decision? Take variability out of shop floor decision-making with data collection and performance tracking.

  • Data Capture: Customize mobile forms and clearly define the quality, production, and safety check data you need. Bypass manual entry for accurate data, quick risk mitigation and faster run rates.

  • Alerts and Notifications: Define processes and trigger communications when tasks need to be completed, eliminating guesswork and driving accountability.

  • Real-time Dashboards: Inform responsive control mechanisms by visualizing and monitoring any captured data, such as:

    • OEE score by Item, Batch, Line, Shift, and Location.

    • Waste and downtime by shift or equipment.

    • Incident rates, corrective actions, outstanding tasks.

Close the gap between analytic output and realized value. Pinpoint which elements drive your performance and competitive difference.

  • Analytics: Consolidate data from personnel and machines into tailored views of the metrics that inform decisions, including:

    • Downtime to operating ratio, throughput, and yield.

    • Top 5 pieces of equipment affected by downtime, top 5 downtime reasons, and total number of rejected products. 

    • Availability, performance, and quality by day or month.

  • Root Cause Analysis: Document and drill into the source of an incident (equipment calibration, failed check, etc), specific stage of operations, and who responded to better plan, manage, and execute work.

  • Reports: Inform detailed reports of everything that occurred during production, from CAPAs to unplanned downtime, and understand how to improve machine and personnel performance.

Your Value Creation Process

Plant strategy leads digital strategy. Daily success stems from a shop floor that likes their tools and is motivated by their work.

  • No More Pencil-Whipping: Take paper and pencil off the floor where accurate data matters a lot or operators hate forms the most. Implement data collection with the end-user in mind.

  • Intuitively Optimize: Surface, compare, and analyze what matters most so you can understand what elements drive efficiency, yield, and capacity, and where intervention is needed.

  • Market Management: Auditors and customer don’t wait for cabinet files to be turned inside out or spreadsheet analysis at the end of the week. Locate and compile information within minutes of a request.

  • Scale Value: The cumulative total of faster, smarter decisions drives plant profitability and will continue to drive competitive performance.

When there are a thousand points of digital light in your enterprise, management must still be able to spot problems quickly for correction.

  • Digital Records: Unify data siloed between disparate processes and departments with intuitive methods of data capture. Don’t rely on band aid solutions that attempt to digitize portions of processes for a poor user experience.

  • Business Intelligence: Analyze data all in one place without third-party tools. Zoom in for who recorded what, when, and where. Zoom out for how your team or plant has performed over time.

  • Multi-Site Visibility: Compare live or historical performance from one plant to other organizational facilities, company benchmarks, and industry standards.

  • Data Synthesis: Collecting a massive amount of plant data doesn’t make reporting for meetings easier. Generate specific reports and information for upper management, customers, suppliers, and auditors within minutes.

Organizing For A Digital World

Operate on the right line of analytical and business resources to better signal how you’re performing to your plant.

  • System Integration: Robust APIs create a data flow between our platform and your existing systems (like ERP, MES or SCADA) to ensure consistent data and accessibility across the plant.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Simplify data capture and reduce manual data entry with a wide variety of supported connections to devices like weight scales, barcode scanners, and measurement tools.

  • Traceability: Quickly unify and associate data and identifiers with any process documented by your team during the production cycle.

Reinforce trust and compliance throughout the value chain with specific data access for stakeholders.

  • Auditor View: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors secure access to discrete information and CAPA records. This includes adherence to FDA, OSHA, EPA, FSMA, and more.

  • Document Repository: Store versions of critical materials and track when they’re expiring, such as CIDs, SOPs, CAPAS, compliance documents, and more.

  • Supplier Management: Simplify communication and evaluation with supplier portal, automated workflows, and tools to capture and track critical documentation or corrective action.

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"Safetychain is critical in the process of our plant going paperless. We have also been going through the process of eliminating some of our home-grown excel or access-based and putting this data entry into Safetychain where they can be more easily trended and compared to other things also in SafetyChain."
Ellie M.
Quality Assurance Systems Administrator
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“Going live [ with SafetyChain] has been nothing short of phenomenal. Now that we see it in action I am stunned. Very pleased with what I have seen. For a long time, there has been no accountability and it is now coming into play!"
Shane W.
Quality Manager
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"SafetyChain offers comprehensive programming backed by world-class customer support. SafetyChain equips customers with built-in quality programs, statistical analysis and a well designed user interface."
Erica W.
VP, Quality Operations

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