Digital Plant Management for EHS Professionals

Don’t Let Safety Slip Through The Cracks

Eliminate your plant’s incident guesswork and manual hassle with straightforward data capture and risk analysis.

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Digital Plant Management For EHS Professionals

A safety-first culture isn’t just table stakes for manufacturers, it’s the foundation for operational excellence and shop floor confidence. When overall site security overlaps with updating policies, procedures, and training needs, it’s easy to lose clarity and control. Stay on top of compliance and keep your people safe with a centralized, simple to use safety platform.

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Consolidate Management

Streamline workflows and trigger communication with a full view of outstanding tasks.

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Ensure Compliance

Stay ahead of compliance with configurable and audit-ready documentation.

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Mitigate Risk

Monitor live compliance and incident status to prevent and investigate near-misses.

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Train Confidently

Easily track programs and requirements to stay on top of plant safety knowledge.

The Value Of A Safe System

Maximize Yield
Decrease In Cost of Poor Quality
within 4 weeks of live data
Increase Productivity
Lift in Line Level Throughput
and over 100% ROI within 90 days
Optimize Labor
Increase in Labor Efficiency
and >$250K impact in 14 weeks

Prevent Incidents Before They Happen

  • Automate Compliance Checks: Digitally capture quality and production check data to track performance, identify issues, and meet ISO, OSHA, and other EHS standards.

  • Real-Time Safety: Improve emergency response times with immediate visibility into critical safety metrics. Live dashboards trend EHS performance indicators and inform how you mitigate risk during production.

  • Defined Workflows: Safeguard your facility with shop floor and supplier notifications that enforce compliance standards throughout critical stages, from material receipt to production and final shipment.

Remain Ready For Audits

  • Document Repository: Centralize and manage crucial EHS documents, including safety protocols, regulatory compliance records, and environmental reports, and easily associate them with key programs.

  • Audit Management: Streamline third-party audits and provide auditors secure access to essential information and CAPA records. This includes adherence to standards such as BRC, FSSC, GFSI, SQF, PCQI, and FSMA.

  • Regulatory Programs: Maintain compliance with regulatory standards by capturing audit-ready data and leveraging pre-built program templates that support all major food safety programs.

  • Response Plans: Detailed data history to build investigative response plans and regulator confidence in your operations. 

Analysis That Promotes Work Safety Culture

  • Analytics: Customize live and historical trends of the metrics that matter, such as:

    • Incident rates, near-miss reporting, closed CAPAs, and outstanding EHS tasks

    • Non compliance status, pass rate targets, failed check trends 

  • Root Cause Analysis: Capture and analyze the underlying causes of EHS incidents using comprehensive tools like Fishbone or 5-Why analysis. Understand the "why" behind issues to effectively prevent recurrence.

  • Case Management: Document and drill into the source of EHS concerns, incidents, audits, and safety-related issues, pinpointing their source and operational stage.

Capture All The Data You Need

  • Digital Forms: Generate mobile forms designed to capture a wide range of data, enabling operators to promptly report deviations, record safety observations, and aggregate EHS data for reporting and analysis.

  • Automated (IoT) Data Capture: Create a data flow between our platform and your existing equipment and systems (ERP, MES, SCADA) for consistency across the plant and visibility into the corners of the facility lacking data.

  • Data Storage: Retain and manage an enormous amount of EHS data, from environmental impact of waste disposal to tracking internal incidents.

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"SafetyChain can understand our company's unique requirements that are either legacy or caused by industry changes, all while making it easy for the end user.
Aubrey G.
Plant Manager
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"Safety Chain allows the whole workflow to be scheduled with reminders and due dates that don't allow you to miss due dates. All paperwork is organized under filterable resources and can easily be narrowed down to find exactly what you am looking for."
Bobby V.
Maintenance Specialist
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“I’m saving my quality team time, I’m saving myself time, and I’m saving my production staff a ton of time. And finally, I’m getting through audits quicker because I can pull up records from a database - auditors look at them for maybe two or three seconds, and we move on. ”
Bridget K.
Director of Food Safety

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