Capture, Manage & Analyze Your FSQA Data

At SafetyChain we are more than just software, we are a complete cloud-based platform that gives food and beverage companies a single, easy-to-use solution for all of their food quality, safety and compliance operations. Built upon three key components, we make it more efficient and effective to collect, manage and analyze your FSQA data.

Leverage Easy-To-Use Tools To Capture Data And Track Tasks

Quickly and easily capture data throughout your supply chain with our SmartCapture mobile app and configurable form builder.

  • Mobile App/eForms
  • Task Scheduling
  • Form Builder
  • Programs Viewer
  • GMP Self Audit

Easily Track Your Programs And Automate Your Audit Process

Centrally store, edit and share compliance documents and records with all of your shifts at every facility.

  • Supplier Documents
  • Audit Management
  • GFSI Managment
  • SOPs
  • SSOPs
  • PRPs

Access Real-Time, Actionable FSQA Data For Every Facility

Monitor programs, operations and compliance with real-time data from all facilities in configurable dashboards, reports and alerts.

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts & APIs
  • Program Analytics
  • Supplier Analytics
  • OEE Analytics