Unite Production & Quality to Improve Plant Visibility, Control, and Performance

Change. For Good.

How Good?

• $20 million in waste savings from a global quality system
• 35% production gain in two weeks from tracking and trending data in real time
• 20% more throughput and eliminating a hard-to-fill weekend shift.

Maximize throughput and yield

With data-driven insights placed in the hands of frontline workers, operators take decisive action to optimize production runs.

Ensure quality and compliance​

Minimize costs of poor quality and waste, while reducing incidents through defined processes and audit-ready documentation for quality, EHS, and supplier performance.

Optimize labor and productivity​

Empower operators with data visibility, automated tools, and reporting to build a culture of collaboration, accountability, and labor efficiency.

Address Plant-Wide Challenges, as a Team


• Struggle hitting performance targets
• Production delays & overtime costs due to downtime, delayed line starts, & line changeovers
• Customer complaints due to shipping delays or poor product quality
• Limited visibility into shop floor activity due to lack of data
• Silos between departments and systems

Plant Manager​​

• Tight operating margins & pressure to reduce costs
• High employee turnover & shortage of skilled workers
• Fluctuations in demand & supply chain issues
• Inconsistent or poor product quality
• Orders not shipped on-time

FSQA Director

• Struggle hitting performance targets
Managing suppliers
• Customer complaints due to shipping delays or poor product quality
High costs due to waste and scrap
Keeping up with regulatory and compliance changes

Digital Plant Management

Trusted in Thousands of Facilities

SafetyChain gives process manufacturers the flexibility to rapidly address urgent challenges while offering scalability to expand and drive long-term value.

Capture All Critical Data

Digitally capture and unify data from multiple sources, including operators, machines, and sensors.​

• Gain real-time visibility into what is happening throughout the facility
• Eliminate organizational silos made worse by competing data sources
• Feel confident your teams are relying on consistently accurate data

Gain Plant-Wide Insight​

Visualize data with role-based dashboards and conduct real-time and historical analysis.​​

• Know at-a-glance whether you’re hitting your metrics
• Pinpoint areas of improvement to reduce waste, increase yield, and maximize throughput
• Better understand how your teams are performing to create labor efficiencies

Take Rapid Action​

Drive plant-wide processes, track compliance, and prepare for audits with programmatic documentation and role-based automated workflows.​​

• Save time and ensure you’re always audit-ready
• Eliminate guesswork so everyone knows what they need to do and when
• Increase efficiency and foster a culture of problem-solving

Plan Scalable Growth​

Create an achievable adoption plan with support from our hands-on coaching team​

• Drive change, not disruption, throughout your plants
• Ensure the short-term and long-term success of your implementation 
• Justify current and future technology investments by reducing waste and increasing productivity
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