After Devastating Fire, SafetyChain Customer Initiative Foods Launches Comeback

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Jennifer Kinion
Contributing Writer

We are delighted to share that our customer Initiative Foods — the largest private label baby food manufacturer in the US — is back up and running! They suffered a significant setback in July 2016, when a devastating fire destroyed their Sanger, CA facility and inventory. Their team has worked tirelessly since then and now are back in production with all-new equipment. Easing the re-launch, SafetyChain was glad to be able to help update and streamline their FSQA data collection forms within our system in time for their relaunch. You can read about the fire and Initiative Foods' journey back on their company news page.

Thankfully all of Initiative Foods' food safety and quality data, records, program plans, policies, and procedures being collected in SafetyChain prior to the fire were secure online — offering a bit of peace of mind plus a measure of protection for Initiative Foods during this challenging time for them. We don’t often discuss this additional value of going paperless with SafetyChain, though this definitely served as a reminder of the value of collecting and housing FSQA data in a centralized online system when an unforeseen crisis such as fire, flood, or other physical damage to the facility occurs.

Congratulations Initiative Foods and welcome back!