What is HACCP Plan Software & How Could It Benefit Your Company?

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Jennifer Kinion
Contributing Writer

According to the FDA, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system by which potential food safety hazards are analyzed and controlled. Hazards can be biological, chemical, and physical, and they must be controlled through every step of the supply chain. This includes sourcing raw material production, procurement and handling, as well as manufacturing and distribution. Of course, safety and quality teams in food and beverage companies are already familiar with HACCP plans, but one thing they may not have considered is HACCP plan software.

According to the International HACCP Alliance, effectively managing a HACCP plan requires companies to:

  • Perform a thorough hazard analysis

  • Identify critical control points (CCPs)

  • Establish critical limits for preventive measures

  • Determine CCP monitoring requirements

  • Set corrective actions for out-of-spec CCPs

  • Follow effective record keeping procedures to document HACCP system effectiveness

  • Establish procedures to verify the HACCP system is working properly

For companies with extensive product lines or multiple plant locations, fulfilling each of those steps can become challenging.

HACCP plan software for food companies is designed to help companies manage robust safety and quality programs. It allows users to organize and manage compliance requirements all in a single centralized system. When program tasks need to be completed or results are out-of-spec, notifications are triggered so managers are alerted and issues can be addressed promptly.

Additionally, the volume of records produced by HACCP plans can be difficult to manage. Moreover, paper-based systems present their own set of risks: records can go missing, paperwork can be incomplete, and it’s easier to make errors using binders, folders, and spreadsheets. Software designed exclusively for food companies can store all of your food safety protocols, as well as regulatory data, customer quality requirements, and GFSI schemes, in one centralized system. Moreover, you can track performance both in real-time and on an ongoing basis to help you determine the effectiveness of your HACCP plan and pinpoint which areas need improvement.

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