What Food Manufacturers Need To Know About Measuring OEE

About the eBrief

When measured correctly, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can improve productivity and quality, ultimately driving your food manufacturing facility’s bottom-line results. Why, then, is OEE underutilized by so many food manufacturers? Understanding which key metrics to evaluate in a complex manufacturing facility is challenging. In addition, measurements must be taken accurately and consistently. For facilities still relying heavily on paper-based systems, OEE is especially overwhelming. Yet, because it remains one of the most powerful tools food and beverage companies can leverage as a competitive advantage, it should not be overlooked.

What's Inside

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can measure OEE with precision and efficiency to improve operations and business outcomes. In the following pages, we’ll discuss:

  • What OEE is and why it should matter to modern food and beverage companies

  • How to bring OEE data together to establish a metrics-based framework

  • Key initiatives you can use to implement and support OEE in your facility

  • Ways to measure OEE under modern Industry 4.0 goals

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