The Magic of Internal Audits: Mistakes, Insights, & Advice

Mistakes, Insights, & Advice from the Experts

Internal audits — if conducted the right way — aren’t merely stepping stones to higher-stakes external audits, they’re strategic tools used by the most successful food manufacturers to measure continuous improvement and validate their entire food safety system. But, many food companies don’t know the secrets to making internal audits a transformative experience, so instead, they become just another nuisance to endure.

What's Inside

In this guide, food safety and quality expert Jeff Strout (Merieux NutriSciences) shares hot topics, expert insights (including the “wow factor”), and critical components of robust internal auditing systems that are needed to drive continuous improvement.

You'll learn

  • Crucial steps in your audit process that you may be missing

  • Keys to selecting and training the right internal auditor

  • Common mistakes made in conducting internal audits — and how to avoid them

  • Best practices for responding to regulatory inspection and third-party auditor findings

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