Enabling Remote Operations in Manufacturing

As food, beverage, & CPG manufacturers stabilize from the impact of COVID-19, enabling remote operations management has become a top priority for many GMs, plant managers, and FSQA professionals. Building capabilities for remote operations management has become a hot topic and a great long-term solution. Getting there is hard, and while the thought of changing to a system of remote data capture, virtual audits, automated OEE, and real-time plant monitoring from a distance sounds both difficult and expensive -- in fact, it’s neither.

London Consulting Group shares insights about newer technologies and tactics that are making it possible for F&B manufacturers to respond, in an agile way, to growth challenges and prepare for just about any problem that COVID might throw their way.

This paper covers:

  • Resiliency and why, even without the COVID-19 interruption, your competitors have been moving to touchless operations.

  • How to redesign the customer journey to attract more customers.

    • Ways to enable remote supervision and right-size company staff.

      • The perfect time to implement OEE, and why CFOs will love it.

Gain Insights From:

Daniel Campos

Managing Partner, London Consulting Group

Daniel is the Managing Partner of London Consulting Group, a multinational operations consulting company with a presence in 22 countries. He has over 15 years of experience serving Fortune 500 and family-owned clients in the USA, Mexico, and the Americas in industries as diverse as food manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and medical devices. He received a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in his native Mexico.

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