Understanding, Managing, and Reducing Cost of Quality in Process Manufacturing

About this Guide 

Identify the staggering cost of poor quality, and how to fix it.

For process manufacturers—the cost of quality is a valuable performance indicator that can significantly impact a company’s ROI. Quality is an important attribute that influences brand reputation, and it can therefore play a significant role in shaping a company’s future. It can also be the difference between spending hours on rework and selling more products at full price.

In this guide, Professional Engineer Denis Devos encourages you to take a closer look at quality to understand what your company might be missing, how to manage it, and what you can do to reduce your cost of quality to ensure your success in a competitive market. Throughout this download, we’ll discuss:

  • The factors that go into determining the cost of quality model

  • How to capture the true cost of poor quality, as well as opportunity costs

  • How failures impede production

  • Ways to reduce your company’s Cost of Quality

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