Blue Apron

“We had our best audit score ever, first time using SafetyChain.”


“Now that we have SafetyChain, I can’t wait until our next audit!”


“We are audit-ready at all times and reducing risk risks across our supply chain.”


“In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.”


“The first form we saw SafetyChain was better than expected and definitely far exceeds the competition.”


“SafetyChain helped us eliminate a paper nightmare. Our partnership with SafetyChain is a win-win for Albertsons Companies’ stores and our customers.”

Death Wish Coffee

“Using SafetyChain I was able to pull up records in a flash and leave our auditor with nothing but a quiet head nod.”

House of Raeford

“SafetyChain has allowed us to become data analysts instead of data collectors. Looking at data 3 weeks later does you no good!”


“My team leads are so excited about your recent updates that I scheduled a SafetyChain event Monday to show them off to all our users.”

Bobby Cox Companies, Inc

“Before, when we had one single paper file, only one person could get to the data at a time. Now, everyone involved can see those files concurrently. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening in real time.”


“The SC team is spectacular. Entire team has great energy. Sometimes that’s more important than the product. Team has been very responsive.”

Underwood Fruit and Warehouse

“Thanks for the after hours/weekend assistance, it means the world to those of us with extended production schedules.”


“SafetyChain’s technology makes things more efficient, more effective, and easier for our FSQA team.”

Chelan Fruit

“Moving our checks to the mobile app just made sense – we all are already using our phones!”

Beaver Street Fisheries

“SafetyChain has provided the insight and visibility you need and it’s a great centralized hub for managing supplier level documents.”

Damascus Bakeries

“SafetyChain takes the ‘stupid’ out of Food Safety.”


“We will be in a sweet spot for our unannounced SQF audit.”


“SafetyChain’s team has a true understanding of food safety and quality best practices. They worked closely with us to fully leverage the software, automate our processes and improve our safety operations.”

SK Food Group

“SafetyChain was built distinctively for QA. It will communicate with most ERP systems, and other devices. It trends data and has the ability to customize reports and dashboards without any add on costs or technical abilities. For us, a better fit for our business was SafetyChain.”

Claxton Chicken

“From a plant management standpoint, I’m now a step ahead with SafetyChain. No more being reactive, I can spend my time working on things that impact the bottom line like yield.”


“Working with SafetyChain was a dream and allowed us to save every team member at least 1 hour a day and reduce documentation errors by 90%!”

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