Complete Platform Solution

Point solutions never work well in the long term. SafetyChain is the only cloud-based plant management solution that fully integrates all the tools you need to manage the operations across facilities to improve yield, maximize productivity, and ensure compliance.


Proven Success at Scale

SafetyChain has a robust software architecture that can power up both large and small operations with ease. From large enterprise food, beverage, and CPG manufacturers to single facilities, we have the proven experience, expertise, and teams to deliver customer success at scale.


OEE & SPC in Real Time

With the SafetyChain SPC module, teams can manage real-time SPC analytics and get alerts when a process has reached a control limit in order to take immediate action. Real-time OEE shows how plant processes compare to the facility’s potential.


Data Security

SafetyChain is an enterprise-class cloud platform with the security to match. All systems and data are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide the highest level of security infrastructure, and systems are regularly tested to validate conformance to standards.


Personalized Implementation & Continued Support

Get professional facility process blueprinting, personalized setup and implementation, and continued advice from our experienced solutions experts who have over 100 years of experience managing plant operations, quality systems, and compliance programs. We understand that each company, and each of their plants, have different workflows that need to be mapped thoroughly.


Roadmap Focused on the Future

Our customers frequently see their product ideas become a reality in the SafetyChain platform. While others solutions’ suggestion boxes sit collecting dust, our customers’ ideas are carefully reviewed biweekly by our product and customer success teams.


Extended Features

We understand the challenges of plant operations, which is why we’ve developed our software with features like offline mode, built an API that connects equipment and sensors to our platform, and provided users with the ability to access SafetyChain on Android, Apple, and Windows devices: mobile or desktop.


Community & Thought Leadership

Joining SafetyChain means more than using an analytics tool: You will join a community of users and thought leaders from the F&B and CPG industry that convene regularly through monthly FSMA Friday presentations, customer webinars, and user conferences.


Superior Reporting

Data collection isn’t a worthwhile endeavor if you can’t quickly analyze the data in-app. While many other solutions require you to export the data and analyze it yourself via csv, SafetyChain offers custom report building and sharing in real time through LINK which saves time and maximizes visibility to your team.

SafetyChain Executive Guide to Plant Management Software

Download the Executive Guide to Plant Management Software