10 Reasons To Choose SafetyChain

1. Food & Beverage Focus

SafetyChain is fully committed to the food and beverage industry. This means that every business decision and product enhancement is made with the intention of helping bring more value to our F&B customers. In addition, our focus on the food industry helps us develop deeper domain expertise and more quickly adapt to the changing needs of our market to ensure our product is more effective and our customers are more successful.

2. Complete Platform Solution

One of the great advantages of SafetyChain is the ability to offer an end-to-end platform solution in addition to best-of-breed product packages for quality, safety and compliance. For our customers this means having the luxury of one complete toolset from the beginning with the flexibility to scale the platform and packages as they grow. No need to worry later about changing platforms or using different vendors for various point solutions.

3. Analytics

You're already collecting the data, but now with SafetyChain Analytics we can help you turn that data into dollars. Built into the platform and included for every customer, our industry leading analytics tools give you instant access to insights that you simply cannot get anywhere else. From real-time safety and compliance reports to SPC monitoring, these powerful data tools are changing the industry and the way facilities work.

4. Flexible Pricing & Packages

We understand not every facility needs all of our software to start. That's why customers love our flexible platform and package model — start with what you need, scale when you are ready. From Quick Start packages pre-built for the basics to the complete suite, we make it easy and affordable for your facility to get started.

5. Configurable Software

Not every facility runs the same way, even in the same company, which is why the ability to configure your software is so important. We don't force your facility into a rigid box, instead we give you the ability to configure our solutions for your operations. From high-level facility access to the individual forms and every user in between, we give you the features you need with the flexibility to make them work the way you do.

6. Proven Value & Industry Validation

Having great software isn't enough — it has to be proven. SafetyChain is an award-winning SaaS company that is used daily by hundreds of brands in thousands of facilities generating millions of records every year. In addition to working with some of the top brands in the industry, we are also endorsed by some of the most respected thought leaders and consultants, including one of our board members, David Acheson (The Acheson Group).

7. Technology & Thought Leadership

Since our inception, SafetyChain has not just been a leader in food quality and safety technology but a disruptor as well. Our award-winning innovations include the industry's first true mobile app, mobile form builder, program and supplier analytics, and API lab and ERP integrations. Our FSMA Fridays series continues to be the largest and longest running industry update and we are regularly featured in industry studies and articles.

8. Advisory Team & Partners

While our platform provides a one-stop-shop software solution for our customers, we didn't want to stop there. We have surrounded ourselves with the industry's most elite group of consultants, trainers, and legal experts. From our advisory team made available to our customers to our trusted partner network that provides complimentary software and services — we are your one-stop resource.

9. Fanatical Full Service Support (APS Team)

While our customers love our software, it's our people that make the difference. Once you join the SafetyChain family, you will get to experience our fanatical full service support team. Our 100% in-house team of experts work with you from demo to delivery and beyond to ensure success. We achieve this with a unique APS Team approach that includes a dedicated Account, Project and Support person for your project and ongoing relationship.

10. Ease of Use

The value of your software is only as good as it's adoption. SafetyChain is built for the busy managers and operations teams that use it every day in challenging environments. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface works on desktop and mobile devices for both Apple (iOS) and Android making it easier for your team to learn and use. Find what you need fast or use our form and report building tools to create exactly what you want — it's that easy.