Award Winning SaaS Software for Food Companies

At SafetyChain we are solely dedicated to the food and beverage industry which gives us a clear understanding of the complexities and business drivers that our software must be designed for. It’s that understanding, and the technology behind it, that has helped us become the clear choice for FSQA professionals. Here’s what sets us apart.

Configurable Cloud-Based Software

No two food facilities are the same, not even in the same company. For this reason it is critical that your Food Quality Management Software is able to be configured for the way your facility works — not the other way around. From forms to reports, our system gives you the flexibility to configure for your workflow.

Fast Time to Value

Food companies move fast and don’t have the time or resources for lengthy, complicated implementations. That’s why every SafetyChain customer gets access to an expert Professional Services team that does the heavy lifting for you. From building forms and configurations to onsite training, we have facilities up and running in days or weeks — not months or years!

Ease of Use & Faster Adoption

Our user-friendly interface is built for the way busy facility teams work, making it easier for them to learn the system and resulting in faster adoption throughout the facility. Your company’s leaders and management will be excited by the efficiencies, gains and true success that comes from adoption by users on the plant floor.

Best-In-Class Technology Toolset

SafetyChain puts the power of a complete Food Quality Management platform in your hands. Built upon the latest cloud-based technology, our agile platform is fast, reliable and flexible. This allows our customers to start and scale as needed but enables us to quickly and continuously improve our own product without the worry of breaking old, outdated technology.