Supplier Compliance & Management Software

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Streamline & Simplify Supplier Management

SafetyChain Supplier Compliance is a supplier management software solution that provides a user-friendly online portal with powerful API integrations and analytics to help food and beverage companies improve supplier onboarding, communication and management.

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Better Tools to Onboard & Collaborate with Your Suppliers

From collecting vendor documents to checking shipments for out-of-spec materials with our mobile forms, SafetyChain Supplier Compliance gives your company a centralized online tool to manage suppliers across all your facilities.

Make the process faster with automated vendor approvals, and make it easier with real-time dashboards and make it more effective by monitoring supplier performance with scorecarding.

  • Supplier Portals
  • Document Management
  • Mobile Forms / Questionnaires
  • Real-Time Reports & Notifications
  • Task Scheduling
  • Supplier Scorecarding
  • Approval & Onboarding
  • Supplier Audits
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
  • CRM & ERP APIs

“We chose SafetyChain because of their focus on the food and beverage industry with a proven track record.”

–  John Chapman, General Manager


Eliminate Inefficient Paper & Spreadsheets with Supplier Portals

Dramatically reduce the time, stress and tedious tasks caused by paper processes and complicated spreadsheets with a centralized online supplier system.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

Faster, Easier Supplier Communication, Collaboration & Adoption

Increase supplier adoption with our user-friendly online portal that makes it easy for your suppliers to log in, upload and update critical documents from anywhere at any time.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

Prevent Out-of-Spec Shipments & Monitor Supplier Performance

Use our mobile app and analytics to verify supplier shipments to prevent use of noncompliant ingredients – then track, score, and compare performance data to determine your best (and worst) suppliers.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

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