Supplier Manager

Supplier Compliance in the Cloud

Move Supplier Management into the Cloud

SafetyChain Supplier Manager provides a cloud-based, centralized solution that makes supplier compliance faster, easier, and more effective. From facility audits and scoring to user-friendly supplier portals and scorecarding, SafetyChain gives your corporate audit team a single tool to streamline their processes, reduce risk, and improve supplier performance.


“SafetyChain has provided the insight and visibility we need for our 400+ suppliers in 40+ countries. It’s a great centralized hub for managing all of our supplier level documents.”

Collect & Analyze Data on Any Device, Anywhere at Any Time

Operating Systems

The only native application purpose-built for every major operating system.

Hardware & Devices

Access on your phone, tablet, PC/laptop, or floor workstation in online or online WiFi mode.

Data Collection

Leverage mobile and automated data collection via tablets, sensors, PLCs, & API system integrations.

Managing Suppliers Can be Easier. Are you Ready?

Eliminate Paper & Protect Privacy with a Private Supplier Network

Protect your confidential documentation and make it easy for your suppliers to do business with you by offering a private, user-friendly portal to digitally share and capture requirements that eliminate paper and manual processes, resulting in significant time savings for both parties.

Reduce Risk with Assessments, Scorecards, & Traceability

Track, score, and assess all of your vendors with integrated supplier scorecards and risk assessments. Get complete corporate visibility and traceability across your supply chain to determine potential risks and reduce the chances of returns, rework, or recalls.

Streamline Supplier Compliance & Audits

Manage, audit, score, and enforce standards with configurable compliance tools that provide real-time visibility and control across the enterprise. Easily complete audits or update processes with instant access to documents, records, and tasks for all facilities.

Customer Case Study: Learn how Beaver Street Fisheries streamlined supplier compliance for 400+ global suppliers with SafetyChain.

Meaningful Plant Data for Every Team Member


User-friendly app that can be used anywhere for fast, easy, and consistent audits.


Fast, easy, and secure way to share documents making it easy to do business together.


More effectively monitor risk and performance for the entire corporate supply chain.