SafetyChain Demo Days: Sanitation & Start-Up Delays

Proper adherence to sanitation procedures is not only critical for meeting compliance standards and providing a safe work environment, but it is also essential for ensuring start-up punctuality.

In Part 2 of our Demo Days series, we will show how SafetyChain collects plant-wide data to help quickly identify and determine the "why" behind the causes of start-up delays, such as missed sanitation steps. We’ll show you how we get the data and will give examples of status dashboards including procedure validation, non-conformances, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

Join us to hear real-world examples and see how SafetyChain empowers operators and supervisors with actionable insights to optimize plant operations and mitigate risks.

The SafetyChain Demo Days Series looks at common plant-wide issues that jeopardize quality and production goals and shows how SafetyChain helps monitor and control critical functions like downtime tracking, regulatory programs, and supplier management.

  • Get a 360° view of how multiple functions, such as supplier management, QMS, OEE, and SPC, work together in SafetyChain

  • How SafetyChain provides visibility into your programs (FSMA, GFSI, HACCP, SQF, ISO Standards, and beyond)

  • Experience real-time alerts, reports, and analytics across departments