Automated SPC With Enterprise Data Collection


SPC is a predictive quality control practice that uses statistical methods to monitor and control processes. SafetyChain automates quantitative data collection and leverages quality tools like control charts to enable real-time process monitoring, empowering operators to step in and address issues before costly non-conformances occur.

Improve Conformance &
Increase Yield

Improve yields by tightening control and specification limits to reduce giveaway or overcook. Set customized specification ranges and receive automated alerts any time processes exceed acceptable thresholds. Ensure compliance with regulatory, industry, and customer requirements by setting control and specification limits and tracking production in real-time. Preempt non-conformances and receive instant notifications of deviations. Plus, observe trends over time to maintain consistency, efficiency, and quality output during every shift.

Improve Yield SafetyChain Software
SPC Chart SafetyChain Software

Reduce Waste &
Increase Efficiency

Use real-time SPC data to reveal bottlenecks, manage behaviors, and discover solutions for production problems. Identify and remediate problems before they exceed specification thresholds by using run rules and configurable control limits to stop non-conformance before it starts. Address issues immediately and uncover their root causes to reduce waste, rework, and returns, while also improving on-time shipments to continuously delight your customers.

SPC is a part of SafetyChain’s Production Manager Solution.