Quality Management Software (QMS)

A Fully-Integrated Solution for Quality Assurance & Compliance


QMS solutions give operators and managers control over their programs by making food safety and quality data instantly accessible from any device. Achieve ongoing compliance with regulatory, customer, and third party certification (ISO, SQF, BRC, FSSC-22000, HACCP, and more) requirements with SafetyChain.

Reduce the Cost of Quality

Accelerate pre-op and sanitation activities by equipping your quality teams with mobile forms. Use production data to identify and address startup issues for time savings and consistent on-time line starts. Quickly pinpoint non-conformances and trends through data analytics, perform root cause analysis, and decrease resolution time for CAPAs. Allow supervisors to perform direct observation verifications to further increase time savings.

QMS Audits SafetyChain Software
Quality Management SafetyChain Software

Streamline Audits

Automate internal and external audits with paperless recordkeeping and always be audit ready. With mobile and automated data collection, all program records are available for personnel to review, sign off, and quickly report on as needed. Create secure profiles to share only specific records with auditors, enabling remote audits and simplifying onsite audits. Plus, identify and address risks to enhance performance on audits and understand potential hazards in your supply chain. Be ready for oversight by customer, certification, or regulatory audits 24/7 with secure profiles.

Albertsons Quality Management System SafetyChain Software Case Study

Learn how Albertsons Companies Transformed Operations with Quality Management Software

Reduce Scrap, Waste, Rework & Product Holds

Control scrap and waste by uncovering trends and correlations in data to identify where quality issues lie and reduce out-of-spec product. Receive real-time notifications immediately after a check is missed or failed to promptly address quality issues and minimize rework. Monitor quality trends to identify and prevent recurring issues, allowing for a proactive approach that reduces product holds.

SafetyChain Software Quality Rework Scrap

QMS is a part of SafetyChain’s Quality Manager Solution.