Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

A Fully Integrated Solution to Optimize Productivity


OEE software helps you understand the full story about how your operations are running. SafetyChain takes the hassle out of tracking and trending data from equipment, PLCs, SCADA, and sensors and presents you with the need-to-know insights that will help you optimize production time.

Reach Your Plant’s Full Potential

OEE shows you how your plant is running against its full potential by measuring how much manufacturing time is actually productive. Leverage advanced analytics to get insights into production trends, planned production time, and downtime. Use these insights to uncover areas of opportunity and improve production performance.

Full Potential OEE SafetyChain Software
Root Problems OEE SafetyChain Software

Uncover Root Causes to Prevent Problems

Track OEE scores by line, shift, or other attributes to identify bottlenecks. With the ability to identify the origins of production issues in real-time, you can address problems quickly before they escalate—and prevent them from happening again.

Overall Effectiveness Equipment Safety Software

See the Basics of OEE & How it Works

Options Keep You in Control

Whether you just want form-driven functionality with no automation, need to integrate into your existing equipment and devices, or somewhere in between, SafetyChain has options that keep you in confident control. Enterprise process manufacturers that have complex data automation needs can get a true picture of OEE, while smaller facilities with few lines can access the same enterprise-grade solution and operate manually or add sensors.

Flexible OEE Options to Fit Your Needs

SafetyChain meets you where you are. For plants that are small and automated, large and manual, or any combination thereof, we offer the same control and visibility whether we’re helping you deploy sensors, integrating with smart machines and PLC, or using operator-driven digitized smart forms.

Basic OEE

Manual entry of start, stop, and downtime. No sensors needed, no automation or integration with equipment. Best for small facilities who want a summary level view of performance with easy implementation.

Standard OEE

Automated data collection via standardized Banner sensors & pre-configured Banner gateway. Best for common setups with no existing sensors or data integration systems.

Custom OEE

Automated data collection with APIs using your own sensors and integration software. Best for complex process manufacturing that already has sensors and integration systems.

OEE is a part of SafetyChain’s Production Manager Solution.