Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Software

Manage Incidents & Mitigate Risks


Managing a plant must include comprehensive risk mitigation across all facilities. Identify and manage risks, ensure environmental safety, and support all processes with a fully integrated platform. Digitize all of your program data and track incidents through intuitive dashboards and reports.

Identify & Predict Risks

Track safety incidents through real-time reporting to promptly correct safety issues. Monitor trends over time to spot emerging environmental, health, and safety concerns. Expose and address risks across your facilities by associating follow-up tasks to areas of risk through case management.

EHS Risk Assessment SafetyChain Software
EHS Communication SafetyChain Software

Communicate & Enforce
New Protocols

Respond quickly to evolving safety requirements from regulatory agencies. Introduce new guidelines via digitized checklists that are accessible from the plant floor with a user-friendly custom form builder. Implement standardized checks to ensure employees are following all necessary protocols, from hand washing to wearing PPE. Conduct behavior-based safety observations to ensure protocols are reinforced.

SafetyChain Software 3B Food Service Company

Learn How a $3B Food Service Company Uses Digital Forms for EHS Requirements from the CDC

EHS Audits SafetyChain Software

Be Ready for EHS
Audits 24/7

Be confident in your compliance efforts with an organized, centralized platform where all of your EHS-related policies and records are stored. Ensure all EHS records are available for personnel to review, sign off, and quickly report on as needed. Establish secure profiles to share records with auditors, supporting remote audits and simplifying onsite audits.

Environmental Health & Safety Software is just one of SafetyChain’s Plant Management Services.