Manage EHS Incidents & Mitigate Risks

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Managing a plant must include comprehensive risk mitigation across all facilities. Leave behind the guesswork and hassle of doing EHS on spreadsheets, paper forms, and email. Automate data capture, review, and analyze incoming EHS data and create data-driven actions and processes with SafetyChain.


EHS incident

Improve Health and Safety

Faster Response to Incidents
Increase Business Transparency
Ensure Legal Compliance
Reduce Human Error

EHS Dashboard

Streamline EHS Management

Simplify Reporting
Improve Employee Performance
Organize Incident Workflows, Tasks & Notifications

EHS Analytics

Reduce EHS Costs

Reduce Unnecessary Expenses
Ensure Continuous Improvement
Automate Audits


“In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.”

Tracy Ouellet – Corporate Applications Manager

Collect & Analyze Data on Any Device, Anywhere at Any Time

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Operating Systems

The only native application purpose-built for every major operating system.

Hardware and Devices

Hardware & Devices

Access on your phone, tablet, PC/laptop, or floor workstation in online or online WiFi mode.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Leverage mobile and automated data collection via tablets, sensors, PLCs, & API system integrations.

Are your plants missing these critical production tools?

EHS Analytics

Identify & Predict Risks

Track safety incidents through real-time reporting to promptly correct safety issues. Monitor trends over time to spot emerging environmental, health, and safety concerns. Put an end to risk management guesswork by associating follow-up tasks, deadlines, and notifications to areas of risk.

Communicate & Enforce EHS Protocols

Respond quickly to evolving safety requirements from regulatory agencies. Introduce new guidelines via digitized checklists that are accessible from the plant floor with a user-friendly custom form builder. Implement standardized checks to ensure employees are following all necessary protocols, from hand washing to wearing PPE. Conduct behavior-based safety observations to ensure protocols are reinforced.

EHS Dashboard
EHS SafetyChain

Be Ready For EHS Audits 24/7

Be confident in your compliance efforts with an organized, centralized platform where all of your EHS-related policies and records are stored. Ensure all EHS records are available for personnel to review, sign off, and quickly report on as needed. Establish secure profiles to share records with auditors, support remote audits, and simplify onsite audits.

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Meaningful Plant Data for Every Team Member



Easy-to-use solution that eliminates data entry errors and helps identify line & spec issues faster.



Full visibility into real-time plant performance to make better, faster decisions to drive continuous improvement.



Complete enterprise wide visibility and control to monitor performance and profitability from the palm of your hand.