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Packaging Manufacturing

Persistent Challenges in Packaging Manufacturing

The $900 billion packaging industry is growing – and with this growth comes a host of challenges. Meeting demand and avoiding shortages has become extremely difficult thanks to an e-commerce boom, bottlenecks, and supply chain disruptions.

Heightened consumer demand for transparency and sustainability make data digitization, minimizing waste, and reducing your carbon footprint essential.

Manufacturing zero-fault packaging that both protects its contents and meets the evolving needs of customers is a never-ending struggle. Now, more than ever, Safety, Quality, Production, and Compliance teams need tools to help rise to the challenge.

The ROI of digital plant management in the packaging industry

Reduce the time it takes to run safety and quality checks by up to 92%.

Collect real-time data on the plant floor to increase visibility, introduce immediate changes, and minimize the cost of deviations.

Invest in continuous improvement, to proactively identify and prevent failures before they happen.

Establish standard procedures to eliminate time loss, enhance consistency and drive efficiency.

Increase throughput, decrease downtime and reduce
labor costs – without sacrificing quality.

Maximize profitability by eliminating waste and improving yield.

Eliminate paper, automate your processes, and scale your business.

MSI Express: Choosing a Digital Plant Management Solution

“I haven’t seen anything close to this. SafetyChain connects a lot of dots in our process, helps take our production management system and ties it in with quality. Using that data gives us meaningful, real-time information. The dashboards definitely give us that immediate feedback out on the floor.” Craig Verhoff | Chief Quality Officer | MSI Express

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Digital Plant Management Platform for Packaging Manufacturers

SafetyChain is a digital plant management platform for process manufacturers trusted by more than 2,000 facilities to improve plant-wide performance. It unifies production and quality teams with data and insights, tools, and delivers real-time operational visibility and control by eliminating paper and point solutions.

SafetyChain is the only enterprise solution
uniting production, quality, safety, and supplier management.