Food Quality Management Software

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Take Control of Your Quality & Costs

SafetyChain Quality Assurance is a cloud-based quality management system (QMS) for the food industry that helps QA and operations leaders drive continuous improvement with mobile data tools and real-time analytics that increase throughput & decrease the cost of quality.

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Tools, Features & Program Content to Drive Continuous Improvement

From real-time specification verification to statistical process control (SPC) SafetyChain Quality Assurance puts food and beverage facilities in control of their quality helping to reduce costs resulting from returns, reworks and non-conformances.

Packed with easy-to-use features and configurable workflows, this powerful solution has everything your team needs to identify potential issues faster, improve productivity and keep your customers happy.

  • SmartCapture Mobile Forms
  • Real-Time Reports & Notifications
  • Real-Time Specification Verification
  • Operations Monitor
  • Corrective Actions
  • Task Scheduling
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Sampling & Grading Programs
  • Finished Product Testing
  • Pre-Shipment Reviews
  • Lab & ERP API Integrations
  • Compliance Engine

“We leverage SafetyChain’s best-in-class technology to get food quality information to the right people in the fastest manner possible.”
–  Charlie Everett, Quality Control Leader


Reduce Losses Resulting From Non-Conformances & Reworks

Identify potential non-conformance issues faster with mobile form entry and real-time data specification verification helping to reduce reworks and waste.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

Increase Yield & Throughput with Real-Time SPC Monitoring

Maximize your production with real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) that monitors specification limits to ensure every shift achieves a consistent, efficient and quality output.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

Reduce Cost of Quality by Up to 20% with Continuous Improvement

Utilize real-time data analytics and dashboards to drive continuous improvement during every shift at every facility to ensure maximum productivity and on-time customer shipments.

  • Increase Productivity  
  • Increase Profitability  
  • Increase Compliance  

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