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SafetyChain Quality Manager puts busy FSQA teams in control of their yield, costs, and program compliance with a fully-integrated Quality Management Software (QMS) solution. From real-time specification verification to automated audits for regulatory, GFSI, and customer requirements, SafetyChain helps drive a completely paperless process for quality assurance and compliance.


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“SafetyChain was built distinctively for QA. It trends data and has the ability to customize reports and dashboards without any add on costs or technical abilities. For us, a better fit for our business was SafetyChain.”

Collect & Analyze Data on Any Device, Anywhere at Any Time

Image of Operating Systems Compatible with SafetyChain

Operating Systems

The only native application purpose-built for every major operating system.

Hardware and Devices

Hardware & Devices

Access on your phone, tablet, PC/laptop, or floor workstation in online or online WiFi mode.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Leverage mobile and automated data collection via tablets, sensors, PLCs, & API system integrations.

What would it look like to eliminate paper & point solutions for your team?

Quality Manager - Eliminate Paper & Unlock Critical Quality Program Data SafetyChain Software

Eliminate Paper & Unlock Critical Quality Program Data

Quickly, easily, and accurately collect critical food safety and quality data on any device (tablet, PC, or workstation) with a single submission that instantly syncs with your GFSI, regulatory, and customer requirements. Save valuable time and ensure your records are always safe, stored, and accessible for your team or disaster recovery.

Reduce Waste, Rework, & Returns

Identify potential non-conformance issues faster with real-time verification to ensure all product leaving your facility meets internal and customer specifications. Achieve less waste and improve on-time shipments for fewer complaints from happier customers.

Quality Manager - Reduce Waste, Rework, & Returns SafetyChain Software
Quality Manager - Automate Internal And External Audits SafetyChain Software

Automate Internal and External Audits

With a single click, create a fully auditable record with every form submission for every plant across the enterprise. Records are instantly available for selected team members to review, sign off, and report on or share selected records using Secure Profiles for customers, auditors, and even regulatory agencies. Eliminates 80% of your preparation time instantly.

Customer Case Study FSMA, Technology & Audits: How a Food Company Automated the Audit Process SafetyChain Software

Customer Case Study: Learn how Sokol & Company went 100% paperless and automated the entire audit process.

Meaningful Plant Data for Every Team Member



User-friendly app to easily collect data, eliminate errors & drive accountability.



Real-time data to make better, faster decisions without duplicate/delayed data entry.



Enterprise-wide performance and trending analysis to ensure compliance & maximize yield.

quality laptopFood quality software is a solution used to help organizations within the food and beverage industry achieve a number of important outcomes. For one, it’s designed to improve food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) by providing all users with enhanced visibility and data intelligence. For another, it can eliminate paper-intensive processes to streamline workflows and reduce potential human errors. Here, we take a closer look at what this type of software offers.

Automated Solutions

This innovative software is designed exclusively with food and beverage companies in mind. It’s meant to help you manage the industry’s unique challenges, such as managing vendor approval programs and supplier compliance, through automated solutions. By automating your supplier programs, you can expedite processes and ensure timeliness, keeping your deliverables on schedule.

Real-Time Insights on Safety and Quality

Additionally, the software offers tools like real-time monitoring, allowing organizations to take a preventive versus reactive approach to managing FSQA programs. When users have insights to happenings throughout the entire organization as they occur, it becomes easier to spot potential problems and act on them in a timely manner. When issues are caught earlier, you can mitigate their impact, which leads to improved outcomes like reduced material waste and an overall improvement in your bottom line.

Data Management 

Solutions designed for the food and beverage industry also allow organizations to stay constantly prepared for audits and inquiries. With cloud-based software, all of your program data is collected in one convenient, easy-to-access location. Consider the amount of time it could take to locate the files needed to prepare for audits, inquiries, and inspections. Software drastically cuts that time down by not only collecting data in one place, but also making it easy for users to use filters like date, ingredient, or specific process so you can access the precise information you need in a matter of moments.

Improved Performance

Of course, more important than having access to real-time insights and data is what you do with it. By identifying and tracking trends, you can easily identify opportunities for improvement. From there, you can develop targeted action plans to consistently improve food safety and quality.

SafetyChain Software is a cloud-based food quality management system that reduces costs, waste and risk for food companies. Our powerful FSQA platform gives quality and operations managers an easy-to-use tool to automate compliance, safety and quality programs while providing valuable real-time data to help optimize operations. Learn more at https://safetychain.com.