The Summer of Quality Improvements

Kevin Lee
Sales Solutions Engineer

At its core, manufacturing success is all about quality. Consistently adhering to quality standards ultimately delights your customers and takes you far beyond the benefits of brand loyalty. Determining the cost of quality (COQ) is a complex but essential endeavor; there’s the cost of poor quality to consider and the cost of good quality or preventing issues from happening in the first place. In plants producing hundreds of separate items, tracking the many variables that influence quality can feel like a massive undertaking. And of course, it’s not just tracking this information that facilitates change; the goal is to derive meaningful insights from the data to inform future decisions. In just about any facility, there’s room for quality improvements. To help improve the quality within your facility, join us in June as we kick off The Summer of Quality Improvements. First up is the webinar, The Staggering Cost of Poor Quality (& How to Fix It). Bill Levinson of Levinson Productivity Systems takes timeless lessons from the likes of Henry Ford and applies them to modern COQ topics to help today’s plants excel. Then, tune in for Understanding, Managing, and Reducing Cost of Quality on July 15 with Denis Devos, an accomplished engineer, consultant, and ASQ Fellow known for developing an original technique for Quality Auditing.

You can register for upcoming webinars and replay past presentations on our events page. Or, if you’re short on time but want to peruse some quality topics, check out our blog, where you can get a deep dive on:

As summer approaches, now is also an excellent time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far and consider the quality improvements you want to make in the future to ensure quality for your facility. We dubbed 2021 “The Year of Innovation and Change” in January in hopes of inspiring positive transformation on the heels of one of the most challenging years manufacturing had ever seen. The mid-point of the year is an ideal time to assess the many opportunities for innovation and change, and quality is a great place to start.

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