Professional Tips to Address Pinch Points in Your Food Safety Plan

Jeff Eisert
CEO of Food Safety Engineers

Manufacturers are always at risk of recall because at any time, at any location along the supply chain, the FDA may sample a product for contamination.  Recall preparation involves more input and supply chain alignment than HACCP plans. This is mainly because recalls have elements that manufacturers cannot control, whereas HACCP plans run on their own if production is stable.

Closing the Gaps in Your Food Safety Plan

How do you know if your food safety plan is truly recall-ready? Are you correctly aligned with suppliers and have a thorough understanding of your supply chain operations in the event of a recall? 

Since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) raised the bar to require more detailed – and timely – food safety records, many companies have been challenged with data management and the fluidity of their supply chains.

Jeff Eisert, CEO of Food Safety Engineers, has worked with hundreds of manufacturers and has found that not only are there many common risk factors when meeting food safety compliance or certification standards but there are few easy-to-understand resources that help you preemptively maneuver around them. Jeff shared with SafetyChain insights you won’t find from FDA resources around how food and beverage manufacturers can reduce these critical pinch points within their food safety plans.

During his presentation, Jeff describes best practices to gain foreign object requirement compliance with less cost and time commitment. He also shares why it’s important to have clear boundaries with suppliers, and what’s needed to plug any holes within your HACCP plan. When speaking about environmental monitoring programs, Jeff discussed how clean your facility needs to be in order to pass compliance, and how doing these ties directly into your overall recall program.

Check out Jeff’s full presentation to get all of the details: Pinch Points in Your Food Safety Plan: Easy Solutions to Complex Problems

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