SafetyChain Listed as 2023 Market Leader for Food Safety Management Software

Victoria Taylor
Field Marketing Sr. Manager

SafetyChain is honored to have been named a top 5 Market Leader for Food Safety Management Software by FeaturedCustomers. The award is based on a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews, product features, and market share.

According to the listing criteria, solutions recognized as a top food safety management software should "identify and rectify vital problems in real time, save money and time, and avoid issues in the future".  With features like automated document control, audit management, and compliance tracking, SafetyChain enables food and beverage manufacturers and processers to quickly identify food safety issues, comply with ever-changing regulations, and deliver safer and higher-quality products to consumers. Read the official press release here.

SafetyChain enables us to achieve greater visibility, transparency, and control across our food safety and quality operations.

Robert Blais, East Coast Seafood

SafetyChain's digital plant management platform is ranked in the top 5 of food safety management software providers, and is listed as a Market Leader. This is the second consecutive year SafetyChain had been listed as a Market Leader. → See the 2023 Food Safety Software Leaders

Uniting Food Safety & Production Goals

When it comes to food safety in F&B manufacturing, SafectyChain has also been recognized on Capterra's Food Safety Management Shortlist as well as being named a Leader in multiple G2 Grid® Reports for Quality Management SoftwareFood Safety Management Software, and Food Traceability Management Software.

But SafetyChain goes well beyond food safety management. SafetyChain is designed to unite plant-wide functions - from safety, to quality, to supplier management, to production operations, to maintenance - all within a single, easy-to-use platform that automatically captures plant data, visualizes potential risk and performance metrics, and optimizes workforce processes. Learn more about the SafetyChain digital plant management platform here.