How Does Food Quality Management Software Allow You to Go Paperless & Save Money?

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Jennifer Kinion
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Food quality management software gives food and beverage companies the power to collect, track, and store data surrounding their food safety and quality operations. Not only does using a software solution allow your company to go paperless, it can also improve performance and make a powerful impact on your bottom line. Here, we’ll focus specifically on some of the financial incentives of adopting a paperless process by implementing food safety software.

Why Eliminate Paper-Intensive Processes?

Paper-intensive processes can create hassle and require more resources, such as time and money, to manage. According to the Paperless Project, each four-drawer filing cabinets uses up to nine square feet of space, and thus costs $1,500 per year on average. The same source indicates that problems resulting from misfiled documents cost companies $125 on average, and that large-scale companies lose a new document every 12 seconds. In the food and beverage industry, where tracking data is critical to ensuring the safety and welfare of consumers, the cost of a misfiled or misplaced document is impossible to quantify.

With that said, there is one aspect of paper-intensive process that’s simpler to measure. In terms of dollar costs, U.S. companies spend $120 billion on printing forms in total each year. Moreover, each employee prints 10,000 forms each year. The average cost of a 5,000-sheet case of paper is $40, according to Thus, a facility with 100 employees will spend roughly $80,000 per year on paper alone, which doesn’t even account for the cost of ink.

How Food Quality Management Software Helps You Save

Implementing software to handle your food quality management system allows you to keep all of your records in a single, easy-to-access location. You’ll free up additional space in your facility, save time, and eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing critical files. Moreover, by eliminating costs associated with paper-intensive processes, you could wind up saving your organization tens or potentially even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

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