The Compliance Risk That Comes With Today’s Food Trends

Dr. Ruth Petran
Contributing Writer

The food and beverage industry is no stranger to changing regulations and requirements. However, the rapid evolution of today’s global food market and the rate of new food trends means manufacturers are constantly at risk of violating food safety standards.

The global food market has undergone significant changes that are likely to shift compliance requirements and necessitate updates to your HACCP and Food Safety Plans, as well as supplier communication.

To address these challenges, Dr. Ruth Petran, Senior Food Safety Advisor of The Acheson Group, led a discussion to help fill the gaps surrounding knowledge of food safety and compliance for today’s new food trends. 

We need to be very considerate and think about the implications of some of the new trends going on and what new food safety risks could’ve emerged.

Dr. Ruth Petran, Sr. Food Advisor for The Acheson Group

The food trends that have arisen over the last few years lie in a food safety gray area. A trend’s recency can mean the food safety risks aren’t completely understood. Many manufacturers don’t have the expertise needed to adequately monitor and plan for potential food safety hazards, or inform their suppliers of needed record-keeping and surveillance standards. 

While exciting, manufacturers must identify hazards that are reasonably likely to occur. The expansion of food choices and delivery options available 24/7 presents food handling risks. New alternative and plant-based foods jeopardize existing sanitation processes.

Dr. Petran discusses the risks associated with new food trends and offers guidance on how to prepare for potential safety issues. By fortifying specific food safety practices and staying informed about changes throughout the global supply chain, manufacturers can stay ahead of emerging trends and keep up with evolving regulations to ensure their products meet safety standards. 

Check out Dr. Ruth Petran’s full presentation to get all of the details: Preparing for Food Safety Risks within Global Food Trends