Leaving Millions of Dollars on the Table? Digitize SPC Charting for Immediate Returns

Victoria Taylor
Field Marketing Sr. Manager

In today's fast-paced world, manufacturers need to stay ahead of the game to remain competitive. Luckily, for many industries, beating the competition just means adopting a paperless production. 

As manufacturers adopt digital plant management solutions and leverage real-time data, they are able to quickly implement approaches to maximizing yield and throughput while minimizing waste and rework. The immediate returns aren’t due to massive operational overhauls, but greater streamlining and insight into existing practices – the outcome can save millions of dollars.

Digitized Plant Management: What to Expect

Digitizing paper-based data collection processes and capturing automated data streams from machines and sensors, such as scales, give real-time visibility into plant-wide operations. By unifying data from multiple sources (line sensors, operator tablets, etc.), manufacturers can empower frontline workers to take decisive corrective action and provide data-driven insights to management. The resulting improvements will drive bottom and top-line growth, maximizing capacity while reducing costs.

Digitized Plant Management: An Immediate Return

Let’s look at this through the lens of SafetyChain customer, Death Wish Coffee.

Death Wish Coffee produces the world’s strongest coffee in their upstate New York production facility. An internal audit indicated that some product was unaccounted for in the supply chain.

While they knew this was likely due to an overpack issue, the production facility didn't have a method in place to effectively monitor and pack weight controls in real-time. The team moved all weight checks and SPC charting to digital checkpoints in SafetyChain, which allowed them to collect and see product weights in real-time. 

As a result, the team discovered they were overpacking coffee by an average of one ounce per bag, resulting in savings of $5.4M. Death Wish Coffee continues to monitor pack weight dashboards in SafetyChain daily and incorporates their findings as a discussion point in management meetings.


Download the full PDF, How Four Companies Maximize Throughput and Yield by Digitizing Plant Management for a look at how Death Wish Coffee and three other companies used SafetyChain to collect and trend weight data in real time, empower frontline workers to take decisive action, and provide data-driven business insights to aid management in driving top-line growth.