How Albertsons Transformed Operations with SafetyChain's Food QMS Software

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Albertsons is transforming operations by using modern Cloud-based QMS software, SafetyChain. In this article, we'll share with you why Albertsons decided to eliminate their paper-intensive processes and turn files and forms into real business intelligence that supports compliance efforts, 24/7 audit-readiness, transparency, and drives continuous improvement.

Business Goals Should Drive QMS Selection Process

Mark Salimbene's success in transitioning from a hundred-year-old, paper-intensive process to a modern digital approach was largely due to his clear and constant focus on Albertsons' business goals and his ability to get buy-in at all levels of his organization. He knew he needed food QMS software that would:

• Leverage data to achieve real-time control

• Provide visibility across all 18 facilities in multiple states

• Enhance food safety and quality assurance

• Improve supplier compliance

The Best QMS Solutions Are Cloud-Based and Easy-to-Use

Finding the right QMS solution might sound straightforward, but when Mark weighed the complexity of his large organization and the amount of effort needed to get not only buy-in from senior management but also adoption from end-users, it became clear that only a flexible, easy-to-use, Cloud-based, best-of-breed food QMS system would work.

Those are the "whys" - the drivers behind Albertsons' move to SafetyChain cloud-based QMS software. Next, we invite you to watch our webinar, "How Albertsons' Companies Transformed Operations with Food Quality Management Software" for an inside look at the "hows." In this recording, you'll learn how Albertsons surmounted the challenges of spotty WiFi*, workforce readiness, staff communication and training, and the fact that each of their facilities called for a slightly different implementation approach. By choosing a flexible, Cloud-based QMS and staying true to core business goals, Albertsons, a clear leader in the food industry, was able to successfully transition to a modern, digital format for all record-keeping. Contact SafetyChain to learn what a cloud-based QMS can do you.

*Note: SafetyChain works in offline mode. Does your cloud-based QMS?

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