SafetyChain is the first-in-kind digital Plant Management Platform purpose-built for process manufacturers to maximize throughput and yield, ensure quality and compliance, and optimize labor and productivity. With fully integrated tools for production, safety and quality, maintenance, and supplier compliance, our cloud-based platform drives real-time visibility and control to optimize performance across all of your manufacturing locations.

From receiving to load-out, SafetyChain is trusted by over 2,000 facilities as their complete solution to improve performance by easily capturing, managing, and analyzing critical operations and continuous improvement data in real-time from anywhere.

SafetyChain Overview

Founded in 2011 by our experienced executive team and investors that have been working together for over 15 years, SafetyChain started and continues to lead SaaS innovation within the process manufacturing industry.

With offices in the San Francisco Bay Area (HQ) and Chicago (Customer Success), we serve over 2,000 facilities throughout North America with 100% of our project and support teams who are all in-house employees based in the U.S.

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Our People

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, but our people are the center of everything we are. Our cross-functional teams are comprised of brilliant, collaborative and hard-working people from a wide variety of backgrounds that are committed to the success of our customers and each other.

At SafetyChain we are self-starters, problem solvers, and never afraid to share a great idea — or a great laugh. From Engineering to Customer Success, you’ll see how our teams and people are not only great at what they do, but enjoyable to do business with.

SafetyChain Team
our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Simply put, we are partners with our customers. Due to the fast-paced and rapidly changing food and CPG industries, we need to evolve with our customers as their needs grow and requirements change. Our customer relationships don’t stop after the software is purchased — that’s just the beginning of our partnership.

With that in mind, every improvement we make to our product or processes is focused on delivering more value to our customers with technology that’s easy to use and a company that’s even easier to do business with.

Our Culture

We believe in Help & Hustle – not just as a way to make our customers happy and successful, but we believe this is also what makes SafetyChain a great place to work. This is how we hire, run meetings, and work with customers every day – it’s how we do business.

Helping customers and colleagues solve problems is not just the work we do, it’s why we come to work. Hustling in the process not only makes sure we remain leaders in the industry, but it ensures our customers get the support they need, when they need it – every time.

our culture

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