Optimize Productivity & Always Know the Performance of Your Plant

OEE Dashboard


Understand the true performance of every shift, line, batch, and facility. SafetyChain’s Plant Management Platform takes the hassle out of tracking and trending data from equipment, PLCs, SCADA, and sensors and enables you to always have a pulse on your plant’s operations.


OEE Analytics

Control Costs

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Diminish Margin of Error
Increase Customer Satisfaction

OEE Dashboard

Improve Productivity

Improve Resource Utilization
Boost Operational Efficiency
Remove Dependency on Tribal Knowledge

OEE software

Save Time

Faster Problem Resolution
Streamline Inspection Processes
Better Product Uniformity


“In solving our paper problem we actually ended up solving a much bigger business problem with SafetyChain.”

Tracy Ouellet – Corporate Applications Manager

Collect & Analyze Data on Any Device, Anywhere at Any Time

Image of Operating Systems Compatible with SafetyChain

Operating Systems

The only native application purpose-built for every major operating system.

Hardware and Devices

Hardware & Devices

Access on your phone, tablet, PC/laptop, or floor workstation in online or online WiFi mode.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Leverage mobile and automated data collection via tablets, sensors, PLCs, & API system integrations.

See how Digital Plant Management works across the shop floor

Reach Your Plant’s Full Potential

Digital Plant Management shows you how your plant is running against its full potential by measuring how much manufacturing time is actually productive. Leverage advanced analytics to get insights into production trends, planned production time, and use downtime monitoring. Use real-time insights to uncover areas of opportunity and improve production performance while the line runs.

Uncover Root Causes To Prevent Problems

Eliminate bottlenecks by tracking OEE scores by line, shift, or other attributes. With the ability to identify the origins of production issues in real-time, you can address problems quickly before they escalate—and prevent them from happening again.

OEE Analytics

Software That Fits Today's Production Needs and Tomorrow's Challenges

Whether you just want form-driven functionality with no automation, need to integrate into your existing equipment and devices, or somewhere in between, SafetyChain has options that keep you in confident control. Enterprise process manufacturers that have complex data automation needs can get a true picture of OEE, while smaller facilities with few lines can access the same enterprise-grade solution using operator-driven digitized smart forms, and add sensors and automation as needs change.

What Food Manufacturers Need to Know About Measuring OEE (560 x 746 px) (1026 x 1000 px)

Content Download: Learn how to measure OEE and efficiency to improve operations

Meaningful Plant Data for Every Team Member



Easy-to-use solution that eliminates data entry errors and helps identify line & spec issues faster.



Full visibility into real-time plant performance to make better, faster decisions to drive continuous improvement.



Complete enterprise wide visibility and control to monitor performance and profitability from the palm of your hand.