Sqwincher “Quenches Its Thirst” for Food Safety and Quality Continuous Improvement with SafetyChain Software

Cloud-based architecture and comprehensive modules key to selecting SafetyChain for Food to automate supplier compliance, Certificates of Analysis, document management, realtime FSQA data collection/analysis, audits and more

SafetyChain Software™, the leader in Food Safety Chain Management solutions that help ensure food safety and quality compliance for regulatory, 3rd party and customer requirements – while also creating operational efficiencies that save time and money – is very pleased to announce that Sqwincher, a leading provider of electrolyte replacement drinks for factory workers, sports teams, runners, and others, from construction sites to Little League, has selected SafetyChain for Food™ to automate, streamline and improve its food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) initiatives.

Key business drivers for Sqwincher include the ability to:

  • Manage its “massive” number of food safety and quality certificates of analysis (COAs) – both incoming from suppliers/co-packers, and outbound to customers
  • Access a centralized, searchable documents repository – for COAs, supplier documents, FSQA specifications, food safety corrective/preventive actions and more – for traceability and root cause analysis
  • Facilitate timely collection and analysis of FSQA data
  • Respond quickly and accurately to regulatory (FDA), 3rd party (SQF) and customer inquiries and audits
  • Leverage technology to streamline costs while improving safety and quality

Sqwincher - SafetyChain Sofware Customer LogoSqwincher chose SafetyChain for Food because of its:

  • Comprehensive functionality for food safety quality assurance and quality control
  • Cloud-based design, which makes the solution affordable, scalable and flexible – without the need for expensive hardware
  • Flexibility in receiving safety and quality data from suppliers and co-packers
  • Realtime collection and analysis of FSQA test results against specifications, with immediate alerts to key stakeholders when a non-compliant result is detected
  • FSQA expertise, and the consultative approach of the SafetyChain team
  • Excellent customer references

Here at Sqwincher, we are committed to providing our clients with the safest, highest quality products at the most competitive price. We understood that to be on the cutting edge of food and quality – while remaining highly competitive – we would need to leverage FSQA technology innovations. SafetyChain not only had the most comprehensive, yet affordable FSQA technology suite – it also has a team of experts who are helping us not just mimic paper processes, but leverage the power of the solutions to streamline and continuously improve our food safety and quality programs,” said John Edie, Quality Assurance Manager for Sqwincher.

In order to compete in today’s complex food & beverage market, companies must find ways to improve food safety and quality processes while keeping costs of goods made within aggressive key performance indicators. Leveraging the power of emerging Food Safety Chain Management solutions not only promotes safety and quality along a company’s supply chain – it also actually helps improve FSQA with fewer resources and lower costs. The forward-thinking team at Sqwincher gets that, and we’re very excited to be working with them on their food safety and quality automation and continuous improvement initiatives,” said Barbara Levin, SafetyChain SVP and co-founder.

About SafetyChain Software

SafetyChain Software’s SafetyChain for Food™ helps the food and beverage industry manage safety and quality compliance in realtime – preventing non-compliant ingredients, raw materials and finished product from coming in or going out. With SafetyChain for Food’s affordable solution modules – for Supplier Compliance & Management, Safety & Quality Data Reporting, HACCP/Preventive Controls/GFSI Program Automation and Customer & Finished Product Compliance – food growers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food services and importers save time, save money and create efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line. SafetyChain for Food is a global, Software-as-a-Service solution, designed for fast deployment and even faster ROI. www.safetychain.com

About Sqwincher

Sqwincher has been creating more productive and healthy people since 1975. A leader in electrolyte replacement drinks, Sqwincher has been credited with improving workplace safety, hydration, and focus in high-heat industrial environments. Sqwincher has now taken its expertise beyond the factory. Sports teams, runners, and ordinary people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle are using Sqwincher. Its wide range of products means that there is a flavorful variant for every situation, from construction sites to Little League. www.sqwincher.com