SafetyChain Supplier Compliance™ Provides Paperless Management of Food Industry Vendor Approval Programs, Automates Food Safety and Quality Supply Chain Controls

SafetyChain Software’s Supplier Compliance Software Solution Promotes Supplier Audits Via Mobile Devices and Analyzes Inbound FSQA Data for Timely CAPA

SafetyChain Software, innovator of Food Safety Chain Management Systems (FSCMS) that Automate, Streamline & Improve Food Safety and Quality Assurance™ (FSQA), provides automation for supplier compliance to eliminate paper and increase efficiencies with SafetyChain Supplier Compliance. SafetyChain Supplier Compliance is a module of SafetyChain’s dedicated platform for automating food safety and quality along the entire supply chain – including solutions for Vendor Approval Programs; Food Safety & Quality Management, including HACCP / HARPC and Customer Specification Management; Regulatory / GFSI Program Management; Continuous Improvement Trending; Mobile Data Collection / Analysis; and Audit On-Demand.

FSQA Supply Chain Controls Begin with Reducing Supplier Risk

Managing supplier compliance and approved vendor programs creates an overload of data and documentation – typically in multiple formats and often in different locations.

SafetyChain Supplier Compliance tracks supplier document requirements and generates alerts in advance of due and expiration dates. Incoming supplier FSQA information is analyzed to specifications and non-conformance alerts are generated in realtime for timely CAPA – eliminating the need to go through hundreds of COAs to find the few that require action. Additionally, SafetyChain Supplier Compliance promotes more effective supplier audits via SafetyChain Mobile smart anywhere / anytime apps. And, all supplier FSQA data is easily accessed in a central repository for reporting, benchmarking and continuous improvement.

SafetyChain for Food Supplier Compliance helps:

  • Automate and maintain a current documents library for supplier/vendor approval programs
  • Track document expiration dates
  • Automate supplier performance trending to improve cost of goods made
  • Respond quickly to internal, regulatory, 3rd party and customer audits
  • Collect and analyze supplier test results against safety and quality specs in realtime – preventing non-compliant supplies from coming in or going into production

The benefits of SafetyChain Software for Supplier Compliance:

  • Centralized Vendor Approval Program Management: digitally store documents for audits, corrective actions, allergen declarations, ingredient specifications and more; real-time dashboards and reports to drill-down and search by supplier group, ingredient, or document types
  • Automate Safety & Quality Compliance: automatically evaluate supplier COAs against specifications; generate realtime alerts when supplier results “fail”; capture supplier inspections on a tablet or smart phone device for realtime assessment and audit-readiness
  • Facilitate Continuous Supplier Improvement: supplier scorecards measure and compare vendor performance; dashboards keep you up-to-date with COA values and process floor performance feedback.

SafetyChain for Supplier Compliance produces hard-dollar savings with bottom line ROI by:

  • Preventing non-compliant ingredients/raw material from going into production – ultimately maximizing yield and product performance and reducing the cost and risk associated with food safety non-conformances
  • Saving time and effort by eliminating manual work associated with food industry supplier compliance programs
  • Significantly reducing the risk of food safety or quality related withdrawals, recalls and rejections
  • Trending for supplier performance to ensure you’re working with the suppliers who provide the highest quality at the best price

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About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve FSQA at all points along a company’s supply chain – for what comes in, what they do with it and what goes out. SafetyChain for Food™ includes integrated modules for Supplier Compliance, Safety and Quality Management, Regulatory and GFSI Compliance, Food Safety Audit Readiness and SafetyChain Mobile – mobile FSQA applications for smart phones and tablets. SafetyChain for Food is an affordable, cloud-based solution with hard-dollar Return on Investment, and is used globally in 15 languages. Follow SafetyChain and co-founder Barbara Levin on Twitter @LevinFoodSafety