SafetyChain Supplier Compliance Automates Management of FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program, Supplier Onboarding and Auditing, Document Control and More

New video highlights how SafetyChain’s Supplier Compliance, for the food and beverage industry, automates and streamlines all aspects of robust approved vendor programs

SafetyChain Software, leaders in Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) recently released a new video that focuses on the business case for automating supplier compliance.

The video, called “The Business Case for Automating Supplier Compliance” – provides a high-level overview of how SafetyChain’s Supplier Compliance solution is helping food industry companies:

  • Automate onboarding new suppliers
  • Manage supplier documents and data, including expiration date tracking / notifications
  • Reduce waste and re-work by catching supplier non-conformances in realtime – preventing non-compliant ingredients from going into production
  • Perform trending to improve supplier performance, create vendor scorecards and leverage mobile devices to audit high risk suppliers onsite
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement in their vendor approval programs as required by GFSI and other food safety programs
  • Automate the management and documentation requirements of FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program

To watch SafetyChain’s Supplier Compliance solution video, visit here.

SafetyChain’s Supplier Compliance is a module of SafetyChain for Food – a comprehensive, integrated Food Safety and Quality Assurance platform that automates FSQA upstream, downstream and during production. SafetyChain for Food helps companies eliminate paper and redundant FSQA data entry, reduce cost of quality, scale to meet growing needs, be audit ready all the time, prevent withdrawals, rejections and recalls and protect market value and brand.

For more information on the benefits of SafetyChain’s Supplier compliance solution – watch quick overview video, visit or contact SafetyChain at [email protected] or 888-235-7540.

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve FSQA at all points along a company’s supply chain – for what comes in, what they do with it and what goes out. SafetyChain for Food™ includes integrated modules for Supplier Compliance, Food Safety Management, Food Quality Management, GFSI / Regulatory Compliance and Audit Management and SafetyChain Mobile for anywhere/anytime FSQA. SafetyChain for Food is an affordable, cloud-based solution with hard-dollar Return on Investment, and is used globally by leading companies in all food industry verticals, including suppliers/growers, manufacturers, distributors and food service / retail.

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