SafetyChain Software’s Inaugural Session of FSQA Tech Talks Series – “Tackling FSMA Compliance” featured Dole and The Acheson Group

Webcast focused on the role of food safety automation technologies in meeting top FSMA compliance challenges

SafetyChain Software, leaders in Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA)™, kicked off tech talk series with its inaugural session on March 31, titled, “Tackling FSMA Compliance.” FSQA Tech Talks are a component of SafetyChain’s 2015 FSQA Technology Series.

The webcast, featuring industry leaders Nye Hardy, Director of Food Safety at Dole Fresh Vegetables, and Melanie Neumann, EVP & CFO of The Acheson Group, attracted more than 400 registrants. Ms. Neumann provided insights on:

  • Key FSMA challenges – including:
    • Food supply chain controls
    • Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)
    • HARPC risk assessment and preventive controls
    • Executing on a FSMA-compliant food safety plan
    • FSMA documentation requirements and audit readiness
  • The role of technology to tackle these challenges and be FSMA-compliant on Day 1

Ms. Hardy shared her experience with Dole Fresh Vegetables in leveraging technology to:

  • Assess food safety data at the earliest point possible for timely CAPA – including using mobile devices for pre, during and post-harvest inspections
  • Respond immediately to FDA and customer inquiries and audits
  • Access traceability data for mock and potential recalls
  • Prepare for FSMA’s preventive controls and produce rules

Following the webinar, Ms. Hardy and Ms. Neumann participated in a very interactive Q&A session. A majority of attendees remained online for an optional live demonstration of SafetyChain’s Food Safety Chain Management System, SafetyChain for Food™, to learn how SafetyChain can help companies comply with FSMA and be audit-ready at the click of a mouse. The demo covered the ability to:

  • Automate supplier compliance, including Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements
  • Manage HARPC programs and preventive controls
  • Schedule and monitor food safety plan procedures and processes
  • Analyze food safety results in realtime for timely CAPA
  • Auto-document all food safety records and organize for FSMA audits and FDA record requests
  • Trend food safety data for continuous improvement
  • Automate GFSI scheme requirements for food and beverage companies who are – or who are becoming – GFSI certified as a way to prepare for FSMA compliance

A full recording of the session and webinar slides can be accessed here.

“We were honored to have two industry thought leaders, Nye Hardy and Melanie Neumann, kick off our FSQA Tech Talks – helping SafetyChain lead the industry conversation on not only what companies need to do to prepare for FSMA compliance – but also on how to leverage technology to execute. We encourage all food and beverage executives to bring co-workers such as operation teams, compliance, legal and IT departments, to join the discussion on leveraging automation technologies to conquer key food safety and quality challenges by registering for the series,” said Barbara Levin, SafetyChain SVP and co-founder.

Registration for the Tech Talk track of the FSQA Technology Series is complimentary and participants need only sign-up once to automatically receive notice of the next topic and login/call information. To learn more or register, visit

Upcoming FSQA Tech Talks Dates and Topics Include:

May 19: Unleashing the Power of the Cloud on FSQA
June 23: Harnessing Cost of Quality
July 21: Conquering HACCP, HARPC and Food Safety Plan Management

SafetyChain’s FSQA Tech Talk Series is a part of SafetyChain’s 2015 FSQA Technology Series: “Enabling Technologies – The Food Safety & Quality Assurance Game Changer” – which includes Leadership Forums, FSQA Tech Talks and Executive Briefs focusing on the critical role of FSQA enabling technologies in effectively and efficiently executing on today’s top food safety and quality challenges. To learn more about SafetyChain’s FSQA Technology series, or to register for our next Leadership Forum with Wawa and The Acheson Group on April 24, visit

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve FSQA at all points along a company’s supply chain – upstream, downstream and internally. SafetyChain for Food™ includes integrated modules for Supplier Compliance, Safety and Quality Management, Regulatory and GFSI Compliance, Food Safety Audit Readiness and Mobile FSQA applications for smart phones and tablets. SafetyChain for Food is an affordable, cloud-based solution with hard-dollar Return on Investment, and is used globally by leading companies across all food industry sectors.

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